Starbucks Colombia Coffee

6 bags of 12 oz each, Starbucks Columbian Coffee, Medium Roast.

Quick facts

  • Rich colombian medium roast coffee
  • Balanced and Nutty Taste 1100% Arabica Coffee 2oz (340g) Package
  • 100% Arabica Coffee
  • 12oz (340g) Package

Top reviews


I have a 4 cup coffee make and I put 5 teaspoons of coffee grinds to be brewed. I love it and it seems to be very strong so far for those intense workouts. Will but another set for work as I work the graveyard shift.I drink it black with two tablespoons of sugar and the flavor is really nutty.
KiyokoNickerson, KS

Amazon ships balanced nutty, not what I ordered

I ordered 6 bags of Medium Colombian Coffee, when I started using it I noticed differed taste, then I read carefully the label on bags, it showed balanced nutty Colombian Coffee, this is not what I ordered, I do not like its taste.
ByronMadison Mills, VA

My Favorite Blend

The discovered the Columbian-blend Starbucks Coffee about a year ago; I’ve tried ~6-8 different Starbucks blends, but found that the Columbian strikes a perfect balance in flavor and boldness. Very flavorful but not overwhelmed with that bold espresso bitterness you get in something like French Roast blend.
GinaParksville, KY

My favorite taste

I no longer have to spend $5 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks at the corner. I’ve tried several flavor and this is my favorite. If you are looking for somewhat strong one, this is it. Highly recommended.
RomaineGrand Island, NY

The Best Colombian Coffee you can get – from Starbucks!

Having tried many Colombian Coffees including Specialties; there just isn’t any that comes close to the one that my old Colombian friend who resided here for awhile while attending University and as Hospital Intern before returning back home; having tried Colombian Coffee from her own homeland. I just couldn’t find anything that came closest except Starbucks Colombia which is only a Medium Roast Blend but close enough to what I had drank from what she bought over from her own Country in Colombia.

I was surprised to learn from her she was disgusted here in “Americas” of what they had deemed as Colombian coffee when it was merely a mixture of this and that, showing me the labels; that was when I began to start reading coffee labels. Furthermore, she even indicated that while they do grow coffee beans in Colombia, but a small percentage of them are actually pure Colombian. So much did I learn what the Colombians did, With her being gone, no idea if she has returned back to the USA or is stuck in Colombia. But one thing she taught me that I never had forgotten was “READ THE LABELS”. I was even surprised by some of the expensive, imported 100% Colombian coffee were not, but rather a mixture of this and that with Colombian coffee being at the very bottom of the list! I guess the saying still rings true, “if it’s too good to be true, it prolly is…”

Not so with Starbucks Colombia Coffee!

Whenever I drink this, I remember her brothers, her families, and of course her – whether I am at Starbucks or at home. To some, might find this rather strong, but I never use the exact dosage, I use less for that reason – for it is so rich and full of flavor, there is no need to waste it. I keep mine sealed, and yes, in a Freezer Zipped Bag to keep its freshness.

I also use this for Iced Coffee as well during hot summer dog days of the months, it is refreshing.

LouisaLoreauville, LA

Tasty Colombian blend

This is very good blend nice body and hearty flavor definitely worth a try if you haven’t yet. I still prefer Starbucks medium breakfast blend but I will buy this every once in a while for a change of pace.
MyrtleCleveland, OK

Starbucks Columbia Coffee

This coffee variety (Columbia) offers a nice alternative to the Pike Roast which the company uses as its default blend at their coffee shop locations. When traveling thru O’Hare Airport in Chicago I’m usually a customer of the MacDonald’s for coffee, since the Starbucks in the United Concourse only dispenses Pike (except at seasonal times with Holiday/Christmas Blend). I keep the unopened bags in the freezer to prevent the ground beans from oxidizing.
LeoraMiddleville, MI

Excellent cup of coffee!

I am very pleased with this purchase. I enjoy Columbian coffee. I find the flavor to be superior to all others as it’s not weak, but it’s not overpowering. It really is perfectly middle ground. If you want a brew that you can just sip and enjoy, then I would definitely recommend this.
SerenaAllendale, IL

Very Fresh and Good Price On Special

I received this coffee on special. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be fresh or something because it was on deal, but the coffee was very fresh and the price ended up being cheaper than anywhere I could find it locally. Thanks again Amazon for saving me a few bucks!!
BarbWeedville, PA