Starbucks French Roast, Ground Coffee, 20-Ounce Bags

Legendary Starbucks flavor

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Too expensive at Amazon

Good decent coffee..not the best. You can get it for 19 dollars at Costco. Same amount, same coffee.
ThelmaCamp Douglas, WI

Fine Cup of American Coffee

Starbucks call it French Roast, I call it a very fine Cup of American Coffee. smooth, the beans are a bit oily, which give it a strong taste of roast, feeling the smoky taste but without any distinguished taste!
I usually drink it in the morning, or early afternoon. I realized it doesn’t stain my white mug as the other coffees do.

once you start drinking it, you might never stop! very addictive, but great!
I love it

Take the empty bag to a local Starbucks for a free tall brewed coffee!

IsauraFostoria, KS

20 oz bags of Starbuck’s French Roast coffee

Along with Seattle’s Best brand, the preeminent French roast coffee sold in the US, imho. The 20 ounce bags are about the same price or a little less than the grocery price … and then there’s the free shipping too. Can’t go wrong with this offering. The local Fred Meyer sold this item (and the organic SB alternative) for $5 less per bag a few weeks ago, but I can’t get them anymore locally, so Amazon it is.

These larger bags are great for travel — I take along a French press coffee pot and anywhere I can get boiled water I can have a nice cup of fresh and steamy French Roast, no electricity needed. French roasted coffee is dark, rich, fragrant, and robust — all with less acidity than most other coffees, and it is good for your liver too, but most of all, “yum”.

GiaWausau, FL

Our favorite coffee

This is our favorite coffee! It is very rich and it is so convenient that it is already ground. I love mine halved with skim milk but my husband likes it black. We go through about a bag every 1.5 weeks. Beware though! Visitors often find this coffee way too strong.

I’m not sure why the price is so high here. My local supermarket and W****** carry this for half the price posted here. I would love if Amazon had a subscribe and save option with more reasonable prices.

CarinBurgess, VA

The real stuff.

What can I say. This is the real stuff. Dark, full flavored and strong. If you don’t like coffee this is not for you.
AnnettAfton, VA

Good Product, Less-than-appealing cost

Starbucks French Roast is one of my favorite for its bold and distinctive flavor. It is a dark roast and works best if you desire bold or strong coffee. I have tried many other “french roast” blends but can taste the huge difference in this one that leaves others lacking. As much as I love it, it is impossibly expensive coffee. I used to buy it from Amazon and Amazon itself used to carry the 2 20-ounce bags for under half of what it is now selling for. The closest thing I have found is a Starbucks roasted sold from Costco in their own brand. That is a solidly good coffee and great price if you can buy it in the store. I wish Amazon would again carry this coffee for the price I was used to. It was great.
StanBeaumont, TX

Best Starbucks coffee

Love this rich brew by Starbucks, and you can’t beat the Amazon prices…so much more economical than relying on the the chain grocery store in my neighborhood!
PatMaceo, KY


My wife and I like a coffee that has a bold taste. This is my favorite coffee.
I wish Starbucks had this coffee in a decafinated coffee.
AlbertinaLong Grove, IL