Starbucks House Blend Ground Coffee, 12 Ounce

A wonderful, straightforward blend of Latin American coffees. The bright flavor is tempered with a round smoothness and ends with a clean finish.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 3, 12-ounce bags (36-ounce)
  • A blend of Latin American coffees
  • Ground coffee

Top reviews

Nice but overpriced

House blend is a very nice all-around coffee, but with single pack retailing at around $8, and routinely found on sale at as low as $7, this offering seems to be overpriced by 20-30%.
JesusWoodstock, VT

Not as Strong as Other Bags of House Blend

I’ve been drinking ground House Blend Starbucks for years, but this version for some reason isn’t as strong as even what I buy at the grocery store. I’ve been using double the amount I usually use to get it to taste right.
RefugioAry, KY

Beware buyer

Beware buyer… 1 star is 1 too many. You cannot return this item, so when I received my package, the shipping box will filled with ground coffee, inside the plastic bag that held the 3 bags of coffee also had ground coffee in it, and for the bags of coffee itself? There was more coffee in the shipping box and plastic bag than in the 3 coffee bags themselves. You can’t return this item, so you are stuck with a mess and to rub insult into injury…it’s Mid February and the expiration date is May 12, 2012.
RoselleCumberland Furnace, TN

old coffee

Starbucks coffee was from last year (the best if used by MONTH on each package is from
the previous year) drinkable – but not good coffee
ElaineStanley, KY

Over-roasted coffee

To say that this coffee was a disappointment is an understatement. I purchased what was supposed to be a medium blend but upon opening the bag it was very apparent that it had been over-roasted. It was dark for sure – too the point of almost being burnt. I made a cup to try it just in case that’s the way it is and found it typical of a cup of coffee you get at the local Starbucks store, burnt. Now I need to get that taste out of my mouth with a good cup of coffee.
JeanaPoneto, IN

Great coffee…

I love the Starbucks house blend. It’s a nice medium bodies coffee to wake up to.
LashellHartsville, IN

Practically expired coffee

Ordered nine bags of coffee only to find it is best used in less than a month. NOT COOL. Received it feb 27 and it is best used by march 24 th. just ridiculous.
JesicaRockfall, CT

Great coffee!!!

I’ve been buying this coffee for about 6-8 months now and it is great! It is smooth and balanced, not too strong, and has an excellent coffee taste! The only complaint about this coffee is it is kind of pricey so I buy on Amazon and save a few bucks. Regarding other customers complaints that the packages are close to the expiration date, the bundle I received is good through November 2012.
ChadwickMercer, TN

House blend perfection, excellent ‘small bags’ packaging

The house blend has a well-balanced taste that goes well with the frothed milk in the cappuccino and makes quite enjoyable espressos too. This is actually pretty competitive in price with the 32-ounce bags that you can find at some of the big discount stores and it has the advantage that, having 3 bags, the coffee can be kept fresher. The combined 36 ounces should be enough for some 30+ Venti equivalent, only stronger.


– one month or so of daily cappuccinos or double-espressos or daily Venti-size coffees
– coffee stays fresher as when compared to the big discount stores 32-ounce bags because it comes in THREE sealed bags
– the house blend happens to be my favorite
– price is only slightly higher than what you can get in a discount store but the 3-bag packaging makes up for it

As of June 30, 2009, it was not available as a subscription item. I would subscribe without hesitation if it was.

RobertCascade, IA