Starbucks Pike Place Roast Ground Coffee, 12 Ounce

Legendary Starbucks flavor

Quick facts

  • Rich and medium-bodied, this brew has a smooth balance that makes it a great all-around coffee to drink anytime
  • A smooth, balanced brew from a specialty roast of blended coffees

Top reviews


How you feel about Pike Place may be relative to how you feel about Starbuck’s policy.

Years ago you would walk into Starbucks, at least right outside New York City, where I am based, and each week there was another type of coffee being made. A lot of these, Sululasi, Africa, New Gunnua Peaberry, for example, you don’t see anymore.

Starbucks has made Pike their centerpiece. Usually they brew this and a bold, say Gold Coast, in the morning, and then only Pike at night. Pike Place was the first Starbucks Store that opened in Seattle in 1971.

And it is a good workman’s cup of coffee: far more bold and flavorful than Maxwell House or any non gourmet brew. It has a distinct coffee bean flavor without the loud nuances of a Verona or the French Roast.

That is the problem I have with Pike Place. I am not sure if they are trying for more mass appeal–trying to get the truck driver who goes to the Quick Check into Starbucks by making a more mainstream blend—or if they are trying to save money after their stock price crashed in 2008.

(I owned it, and I can’t tell you that story because there are too many words you can’t say on Amazon. From 36 to seven–KERPLUNK. I won’t go into how the tractor mower was involved)

Either way, this is my least favorite of the Starbucks blends. And the best coffee any Starbucks Virgin will ever taste.

AdinaElmore, MN

A Good Morning Brew

After having tried a couple of cups from a Starbucks franchise (each was luke warm and had grounds in it) I vowed I would never drink another cup of their coffee. Don’t know which of their products I had been given, but they were lousy, so back to DD and MickeyD. While looking over the myriad of selections in the grocery store I picked up the Pike Place Roast and read the description. Sounded like what I like in a coffee and I knew at least it would be hot and not have grounds. Sprang for a bag and have not been disappointed. I don’t like a coffee that knocks you off the chair in the morning . . . nice aroma, good flavor and just the right strength. If they keep making this, I will keep drinking it. Just for fun, I’m old enough to remember when you really could get a “pound” of coffee, not 12 ounces!
NilaLynn Haven, FL


Use this coffee daily.
Use to buy it at Starbucks store and now buy it at Amazon because of better price and convenience.
BuckWhitewater, KS


The coffee pictured here is the DARK ROAST that was sold in their first store in 1971, and is still being sold in the Starbuck stores today. The coffee that I received is the MEDIUM ROAST. There is a vast difference. The packaging mine came in had a rendering of a Starbucks store in UT Burnt Orange on a white background on the front and the left side of the package was solid Burnt Orange with the three different roasts listed: Blonde, Medium and Dark. On the front was the Starbucks logo in green and white and beneath that in large Burnt Orange letters: MEDIUM ROAST. This obviously is not the dark roast that is sold in the stores and pictured here. It is just flat, very bitter coffee. I have a package of ground Pike Place coffee in my freezer right now that was purchased at a Starbucks store for $13 and change. It looks exactly like the package pictured here and it tastes entirely different. I could only take a sip or two of the coffee I received – it is very bitter. There is no hint of almonds or chocolate. Amazon says this cannot be returned, but I received something that was different from what I ordered and what is pictured and I would like a refund or a replacement. If Amazon corects this mistake, I will update this review.


I spoke with Amazon Customer Service and they graciously agreed to either refund my money or send a replacement.

BettyannDameron, MD

These reviews are not for this Medium Pike Place…

What happened to the original silver colored Pike Place Roast coffee? My recent orders in my account has been replaced by Medium Pike Place Roast which I never ordered? And all the reviews prior to this review of mine belonged to that original Pike Place Roast, not the medium one…This is not right.
NathanaelWaddington, NY

One of my favorite coffees

This coffee is by far one of my favorites. You can’t beat it. It has a great taste to it and I never get tired of drinking it. It’s a stronger coffee so you may not have to use quite as much as some other blends.
TylerBerkley, MA

Excellent Brew

If you like strong tasty almost burned coffee this is the one for you. A couple of cups of this and you’ll be at your best for the excitement ahead. Of course too much and your hands will be a little shaky. To me this is coffee at its best!!!
SoilaStandard City, IL

Love this coffee

This is my favorite starbucks coffee. Great deal on Amazon for it. I was thirsty, ordered the coffee, and drank it.
LekishaCedar, IA

Brewed for donut shop coffee lovers–will you like it?

This coffee was blended, according to Starbucks, to be more mellow, brighter blend of coffee, and it seems to be generally high in South American coffees such as Columbian and Brazilian. These coffees are very aromatic and rather acid. This blend, however, seeks to achieve the smoothness of a donut-shop or diner type coffee, a general American blend and at the same time, retain some of the darker qualities of Starbucks. So it’s not a LIGHT roast, it’s a medium roast and still somewhat robust, but very smooth.

The coffee is said to have overtones of nuts and cocoa, and I can definitely taste that. The blend is more acidic than I prefer. It is not as dark as the Sumatra or my particular favorite, the French roast. It is definitely brighter.

If you like a more acidic, more typical “diner” coffee, this blend will please you. For me, I prefer the European style dark roasts and more of the African or Indonesian flavors to Central or South American. So I don’t particularly care for it. But it has been a success, bringing a more middle American flavor to the market.

DestinyGreenfield, TN

Great Full Bodied Taste

I am a coffee aficionado, and as time has gone on, I find I prefer a stronger taste in my coffee.
I have tasted every kind of coffee, but find I always go back to Starbucks. Pike Place Roast has
become my favorite. Sometimes I alternate between Sumatra and Pike Place, but Pike Place wins out
every time! It has a taste of cocoa, with roasted nuts in its flavor. It has a smooth finish with
soft acidity. This has become the roast I have, all the time. Satisfying with enough depth and
flavor to please.

I have been tempted at times to buy a Keurig type coffee maker, but discovered that I would be paying
on average $50 a pound for the coffee found in those little Keurig cups. The price for a pound of
Pike Place Roast is $12.99.

I found this recipe for making good coffee from Starbucks a few years ago, and this is the one I use
’til this day.

Recipe for great coffee
1.Use cold, filtered water and a clean machine.
2.Grind beans just before brewing: *Course for coffee press
*Medium for automatic drip

3.Measure 2 tbsp (10 g) ground coffee for every 6 fl oz (180 ml) water.

To help preserve that fresh flavor, keep this bag sealed tight in the bag.

Highly Recommended. prisrob 02-11-12

Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul

The Starbucks Experience: 5 Principles for Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary

MarkitaMonument, OR

Pretty good for Starbucks

Starbucks medium roasted coffees are fairly good. they don’t taste burned like the darker roasts. Medium roasts don’t require you to use more added cream and sugar, or designer flavors, than the coffee itself, in order to enjoy it.
GayeCape Elizabeth, ME

too expensive

I was disappointed to see the price. I can get this same coffee at my local grocery for 30% less.
LashellVirgil, KS

Good Coffee but Price could be Better

Check your grocer before you buy from Amazon. On a normal day, Publix’s price for this coffee is $9.95 for a full 16 oz. bag and occasionally on sale for $6.49. WalMart carries it for around $7.95. There are sites that will tell you how to grind the beans for the best flavor depending upon the methood of brewing. Enjoy!
GennaWinterville, ME

Great Gift for those you love.

Only a Starbucks Blend can tame the heart of a Step mother, and Pike Place Market Blend does the trick. She is a black coffe drinker with defined taste for medium to strong. She has had a few straight cups from a local starbucks where she lives but they aren’t convienent. Now at her home she can enjoy the roast with the most. Delivered early and in perfect shape. Great coffee. Thanks for making her day!
SharonSaunemin, IL

Cha Ching! The FIRST THING you want to have in the morning!

CONFESSION: I am a 100% Starbuck-A-Holic, I have no desires to see help from withdrawals or cravings of Starbucks nor do I desire to participate in SA (Starbucks Anonymous). Nevertheless, I have been having a horrendous time finding Starbucks Pike Place which is a Medium Roast – Ground Coffee. They have other Medium Roasts, but I don’t want that; I want the Pike Place Medium Roast…

I love it so much, that one does not need to use so much, and I must be crazy, for I keep my Specialties (Coffee) in the Freezer (they keep fresh and crisp); Pike Place is neither bitter, yet maintains Starbucks’ known bold richness and taste. This is one reason why I am just so addicted to Pike Place and enjoy it in the mornings as a Hot Coffee or as an Iced Coffee during a hot summer day. I do admit I do get tired of Southern Iced Tea and Water because I drink so much of it; so it is refreshing! If you’ve never had Iced Coffee before … you’re in for a real treat, there are many recipes online available such as Food Network that will teach you how to make one with no alcohol (that I drink) and there there are those with alcohol (that I do not drink).

It’s nearly summertime – why not try out for a nice spin with Starbucks making it into an Iced Coffee for a change?

BreanneBokeelia, FL

Wrong coffee sent; order history later changed

As two other reveiwers have experienced (as of 19 April 2012), I received an Amazon order of the Medium Roast vice the Dark Roast that was pictured at the time of the order. Shame on me; I read one of them prior to my purchase, but dismissed it as something unlikely to happen again, to me. Since then the product description and picture have been changed reflecting what I received, both on the item page and in my order history. I find the fact that my order history doesn’t reflect what I ordered troublesome.

I am currently overseas (FPO box), limited in coffee options, and wasn’t perturbed enough to contact Amazon about this. I am overall greatly pleased with my track record with Amazon, and especially the Free Super Saver to FPO boxes and typical 1-week delivery.

On to the coffee. My daily consumption is 3 mugs in the morning and maybe an afternoon pick-me-up. My favorite standard is in-shop, perfectly brewed Dunkin Donuts. Black. I enjoy the complexity of most Starbucks, but find them on the verge of being too bold for a staple. Or maybe it’s the prices. I do buy a bag every now and then, though. I have mixed success brewing grounds or beans in hopes of recreating what you get in the shop. Large (BJ’s, COSTCO) bags are usually stale mud two thirds of the way down, so I won’t buy those any more despite the bulk discount.

I purchased this because PP Dark (what I thought I was getting) is my favorite in-shop Starbucks. This PP Medium is pretty good, although I’ve had less than usual success in making the correct brew. Huge improvement over Folgers or Maxwell House, a notch above Eight O’Clock (which is always very good compared to the price), but well shy of my best home recreations of shop coffee (to include successful Dark Pike’s Place attempts). I suppose I am comparing it to what I expect from Starbucks (BOLDness), and this has much less bite. Definitely cheaper/better than what I can get locally, though.

Bottom line: 3.49 stars for pretty good Starbucks coffee at a good price. I’m trying to not figure the misrepresentation into the rating of the product.

JenellElk, CA

Good Coffee

Arrived nicely packaged. No spilling like other reviews stated. I bought in March 2012 and the expiration dates were for August 2012, so plenty of time to use this product
HoraceMadison, NY

My absolute favorite

I have tried many kinds of coffee from around the world, and while I’ve found a few that I really like this is my absolute favorite! It has just enough kick to get my day started, and is smooth enough that I can relax with a cup on the front porch of an evening.
PhylisPearl Harbor, HI

Delicious coffee!

Very pleased with this coffee, but there are so many others like it. I would buy it again if price would come down.
JaneneStoy, IL

very smooth

Nice cup of coffee, enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Worth a try, and at a good price.
NenaMosby, MT

Probably my favorite

I love Starbucks coffee but I am very price conscious and hate paying $1.50+ on a single cup of coffee in the morning. I also want coffee within about five minutes of waking up so it doesn’t work to go to a Starbucks store every morning. My solution has been to brew a pot at home and then I am able to get a sip within minutes of heading into the kitchen and my husband fills a thermos to take to work. It has been a perfect solution for us. Because I brew 8 cups of Starbucks coffee every single morning (even take it with us when travelling to visit family) we have had a lot of opportunity to try a variety of blends. We buy the 12 oz bag each time so we an opportunity to have it for about two weeks at a time — really getting to know whether we like it or not.

Over the years, I have discovered that my favorite is this Pike Place (medium roast). We do trade off and the other ones we drink regularly are the French Roast, Espresso Roast, and the Christmas Blend when it is in season. Any time I have been drinking one of those roasts (which I really like as well) and then come back to this one, I realize just how MUCH I like this one. It’s flavorful without being bitter and just seems perfectly balanced in every way. I use one flat scoop of coffee per cup and that is just the right amount for us. I also found that when in need of a decaffinated coffee for entertaining in the evening, the Pike Place is also my favorite decaf coffee. What is really great is that if I have left over decaf I can blend it with the regular (75% regular and 25% decaf) and it doesn’t go to waste.

If you are trying to watch your budget and save some money without giving up flavor, brewing at home is definitely an option. It works for us and this coffee is wonderful!

LibradaWellton, AZ

It’s a crowd pleaser at a good price~

My only beef is that it comes ground. It’s great for people who want something better than Folger’s or if you regularly have people over or family members that drink coffee regularly. Great price. Great mellow style.

But if you want the freshest coffee, you probably want to either have it ground fresh in the shop, or grind at home per use.

But for convenience and price this is a good buy.

CheyenneSouth Hamilton, MA