Starbucks Sumatra, K-Cup for Keurig Brewers, 54 Count

Starbucks Sumatra blend mixes big and bold flavors with distinctive earthy aroma and lingering low notes. Its heavy, full body and concentrated herbal spice notes are hallmarks of great coffee from Sumatra.

Quick facts

  • Authentic Starbucks branded Sumatra Blend K-Cups
  • Intense and flavorful, delicious buttery body with virtually no acidity
  • K-Cup perfect for brewing individual servings
  • Works in any Keurig coffee brewing system designed for K-Cups
  • Works in both Keurig original K cup brewers as well as Keurig 2.0 brewing systems

Top reviews


Decent coffee. Ridiculously overpriced. Starbucks should be ashamed for charging a buck and a half for a cup of coffee made at home.
TishaBlounts Creek, NC


Cheaper at Target. $14.99 for an 18 count. I thought for sure it would be cheaper online, but I was wrong.
ElaneRudyard, MT

Moldy and rancid brew (evaluated over a year’s time)

I often find the Starbucks K cups yield a moldy and rancid tasting brew. We have tried an assortment of Starbucks K cups flavors obtained at numerous outlets over the last year. It feels like this is a secondary (or even tertiary) market for Starbucks beans that don’t make the grade. Or possibly Starbucks has production/storage/transportation issues when bringing the Starbucks K cups to market. It is a ding to the brand. Luckily, I am a devout Starbucks follower, so I will stick to their more proven bags of beans and grinds.
LavernMarble, MN

My new favorite but cheaper at the grocery store

This is a really rich, dark coffee and lives up to the Starbucks name. While I have used k cups for several years, it has been hard to find one that was bold enough. I liked Emeril’s Big Easy Bold for a while and still like Green Mountain’s Espresso Blend but neither have the richness that this one from Starbucks has. Right now though the Amazon price for 30 is 48.98! For a pack of 16 it is $9.99 at my local grocery store and Bed, Bath and Beyond carries them for $14.99 but you can use their $5 off or the 20% off coupons which are everywhere. So until the price here drops some, I will pick it up at my local store.
CoriePelzer, SC

Best Sumatran

Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s really the best Sumatran k-cup.

BTW, so you know where my preferences lay, the k-cups I prefer are the Starbucks Verona, Sumatra, and Pikes Place, along with Van Houtte’s Mexican Dark Roast, and Tomothy’s Columbian LaVareda (NOT the Dorado).

KymberlyWhite Plains, KY

Gives Cafe Verona a run for the money!

I have been buying the Starbucks Cafe Verona K-cups at Costco since they came out. I love them. I would give them 7 stars if I could. I found these Sumatra K-cups at Amazon Warehouse and got them for an average of $.65/cup, which I think is fair. I had never tried the Sumatra, but glad I did because they are very good. Very bold, very smooth, not so bold it tastes like you’re drinking from an ashtray. Amazing how Starbucks gets their K-cups to taste pretty dang close to the real thing.
CristalWolfcreek, WV

It is definitely dark roast

I love dark roast coffee, served with or without cream/sugar, and this Sumatran k-cup is most assuredly a dark roast, but I found the flavor and aroma of this product to register as slightly bitter/burnt. It did not overwhelm my senses, and it was easily alleviated and made better with the use of creamer, but it still wasn’t my favorite of the K-Cups that are available. I thought it was “okay”.

My husband didn’t enjoy the Starbucks version of Sumatra, stating that he felt it had a somewhat chemical-like aftertaste even with cream and sugar. We used over half of the box, to make sure that our opinion wasn’t perhaps based on a faulty serving or two, but ended up giving the remainder to our neighbors; unfortunately, this Sumatra just didn’t work for us.

MarcieBurke, NY

The best K-cup coffee!

This is the best K-cup coffee I have found yet. The Pike Place is a close second, but the Sumatra holds up well to a larger cup (either the mug or large mug size). If you’re using a travel mug, stick with the dark roasts. Wish it came in decaf – I love my Keurig, but I can handle only so much caffeine!
Also, I have found the Starbucks K-cups disassemble easily (more so than some of the other brands), the foil removes very cleanly, you can compost the grounds and paper filter, and recycle the plastic.
CherBurgettstown, PA

Bold, and full of flavor, good flavor

My husband loves the Starbucks Sumatra K-Cup. Of all the samples of bold coffee for the Keurig he has tried, this is by far his favorite. It has just the right amount of flavor and strength for his taste.
MaragaretGreenfield, IL

Best K-Cup yet.

I prefer grinding my own coffee and using my Aeropress to the K-Cup for single serving brews. When I heard Starbucks was coming out with a K-Cup I was genuinely excited! For two years I’ve dealt with weak “dark” roasts. Iced coffees with a K-Cup are a joke. While nothing will come close to espresso out of a Keurig (I recommend the Mypressi Twist V2 if you are on a budget), the Sumatra Dark from Starbucks is the best K-Cup yet. It is smooth, dark and even brewed with crema. This is not acidic like many of the South American blend K-Cups. It is slightly more expensive, but it has made me start using my Keurig again.

I would have given it 5 stars, but one cup of the 5 I’ve made so far came out a touch weak.

Do yourself a favor if you shelled out the cash on a Keurig. Get the Sumatra!!!

MaynardSilvis, IL

Very good

So far, I’ve only tried this one and Pike’s Place (see my review for that here) and I have to say the Sumatra is superior to Pike’s Place, with a satisfyingly rich, bold flavor. In the coming days I’ll try their House Blend and French Roast to compare and post quick reviews on them as well.
SonyaWest Chicago, IL

Excellent K cups if you get it at a good price

Im not a huge fan of starbucks pike place but I like some random starbucks coffees so I decided to try this K cup.

-Tastes good, bold and darker but not too bitter
-Dark but not over roasted
-I got it on sale (BOGO in starbucks store: ~$.50 a cup)

-Pretty expensive online and in the grocery store

Overall I like it, but would wait for it to go on sale again

VenettaSpencer, SD

Good coffee poor shipping

This product arrived with several of the items damaged in shipping. The coffee was very good with robust flavor and slightly acidic. Because of the poor condition of the coffee when it arrived, not all the cups were usable. I found this coffee was best suited for morning.
LatashaBrainard, NY


Came quickly (a couple of days), and is exactly what it’s supposed to be – Starbucks Sumatra. We started using a K-cup machine in our office and, being a self-proclaimed coffee snob, I wasn’t so sure I would like it. These Sumatra K-cups aren’t QUITE the same as my French press or even what you get when you go to Starbucks. But, it’s good coffee, cheaper than Starbucks or even the grocery store, and came right away. I’ll be ordering again soon.
MariaMillbury, MA

Best Deal In Town

This is by far the best deal on Starbucks k-cups. Enjoy the wondeferful taste of good coffee at home at an affordable price!
TawnaFinlayson, MN

The best coffee

Starbuck’s Sumatra is the best and most flavorable coffee. Please
continue to sell it this way not just individual boxes.I have tried
many others but haven’t enjoyed the flavor like this one.
LashaySharon Center, OH

No drive through at Starbucks?

I love my Starbucks Sumatra first thing in the morning. I was not always up early enough to take the detour to Starbucks and now I don’t have to! These KCups are perfect and delicious. Now I can have my fav coffee even before I take off my slippers! I love this product! It’s easy to order – arrived quickly and the price was good.
DaiseyReeds, MO

Bold coffee drinkers alert

If you like a dark bold flavor this is the one for you. Starbucks Sumatra coffee is a deep rich flavor that bold coffee drinkers will love.
MarquisLong Beach, NY

Simply the best K-Cup made

If you’re like me and like to try out every single K-Cup that comes out, you know a few things about them:

1. If they don’t say “Extra Bold,” they’re terrible
2. The coffee always looks and feels a little “flat.”
3. It’s easier than drip, but never better

This Starbucks Sumatra K-cup, though, rocks. You see it right away as the coffee comes out with a nice foamy top. Then it tastes great, with or without milk. It doesn’t quite taste like a “freshly” brewed Sumatra, but it’s as close to real coffee as the K-cup gets.

GrahamTrumbull, CT

Making iced mochas

My fav is french roast but got this flavor is a friends fav, I mix with the semi sweet chocolate syrup and poor over ice then add up to 1 cup of milk for an iced mocha…… delicious!!
ShelleyEllenburg Depot, NY

I don’t always drink coffee, but when I do it is sumatra

I’m a big tea drinker – but this coffee is some of the best I’ve had. I make mine over ice and I love it.
LizbethWaitsfield, VT

Hard core coffee

When this coffee brew is described as dark, it is definitely not kidding. One 8 oz portion of this strong, rich coffee is enough to replace my usual two large cups of other brews. I am generally a black coffee kind of girl, but I find that I enjoy this more if it is tempered with a little bit of skim milk.
AuroreFairchance, PA

Wonderful but EXPENSIVE!

As usual, Starbucks doesn’t disappoint…however the price could keep me from buying it again. At $.50/serving less Green Mountain’s “Dark Magic” does the trick on my budget…Cheers!
TawnyaKensett, AR