Starbucks Sumatra Whole Bean Coffee, 16 Ounce


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It does have a very good taste!!!! However, when I read the process of these beans for sumatra, ugh, I am done for good!!!!
ArchieLeander, TX


I have been buying Starbucks for years, and it was always at least good and usually exellent. The last few orders of French Roast and Sumatra were very disappointing. The quality is definitely lower than it was, and it is MUCH weaker than it was for years. Believe it or not, I just bought a bunch of cans of Melitta French Roast on sale for 1/3 the price and it was much better. WHAT HAPPENED, STARBUCKS ?
KylaKiron, IA

Best Coffee Ever

Out of all the coffees I’ve tried, this is by far the best. After my first cup of Sumatra, I refuse to drink any other type of coffee. Defiantly give this a try!
SydneyJuneau, AK

excellent coffee

Excellent coffee. We blend 1/2 regular and 1/2 decaf of the Sumatra to make a great cup of coffee. The coffee has a very rich and bold flavor.
RandalBarnhill, IL


This is the best coffee I’ve found. If you like a rich, bold coffee with an almost chocolate flavor, you’ll love this. I prepare it in a French press coffee maker and am surprised that it steps right up so bold every time without any hint of bitterness. Great stuff!
FredericaBardstown, KY

Not fresh!

This coffee proves that old, not aromatic, dry Sumatra coffee still tastes better than most fresh whole bean coffees. The packages I received were “use by” dated just a few months away from the date I received it. Usually there is about a 9 month period between the date I receive a coffee and the “use by” date. The beans were dry and had no aroma. I will be going back to Camano Island Sumatra coffee. I tried this Starbucks because I used to buy 5 lbs. of Camano Island Sumatra from Costco for $38 and it is around $60 on Amazon. Still, that will be the best choice for Sumatra dark roast.
MalikTexico, NM

Good coffee!

I was a little hesitant when I read it had a herbal taste , I like a conventional tasting coffee. It just arrived and I immediately brewed a pot. I definitely wasn’t disappointed, I like this much more than the usual Starbuck’s french roast
KileyEllsworth, IA

One of my favorite bold coffees!

If you enjoy other Starbucks bold coffees, this one will not disappoint. It has the classic earthy fullness characteristic of a good African grown coffee. I rate it high on the quality vs. cost scale, it’s a great value when purchased at Amazon.
PierreArlee, MT

Amazon Sells the Best Coffee

Starbucks Sumatra has great flavor. Full-bodied yet low in acidity. Starbucks’ has the best Sumatra and the good news is they have Sumatra decaf too. A must try. If you like a rich, deep, dark-flavored coffee,this one’s for you–hot or iced! Amazon’s price is great too!!
YunYoung America, MN

Great coffee for lattees

This coffee makes great cappacinos and lattes for those of you with an expresso machine. Strong on flavor but a bit bitter.
NoeliaMarysville, PA

sumatra coffee beans

A perfect roast of sumatra beans.
Ordered it many times and is consistently good.
Recommend this to any one looking for a strong cup of joe.
ShebaFord, VA

One of Starbucks Best

This bean makes it an excellent cup of coffee and is very enjoyable to drink; overall its a dark roast and very bold flavor. Amazon has it at a great price and the free cup of coffee when you head into a starbucks is just an extra bonus.
KeithRochester, IL

Best coffee out there

I have tried many types of coffee and to me this is the best tasting at a reasonable price. MUCH better than the French Roast. Give it a try
LanceKenefic, OK

Outstanding Coffee

This is consistently one of my favorites. It is a rich and full bodied coffee. Sumatra and Gold Coast are great, BOLD coffees! If you like a dark roast brew, you can’t go wrong with Sumatra.
AnamariaFlatwoods, WV