Starbucks Tazo Tea * Awake * Black Tea, 16 K-Cups for Keurig Brewers

Tazo® AwakeTM Full Leaf Tea This eye-opening black tea blends bold, malty teas from India and bright, full-flavored teas from Sri Lanka and Kenya. Thick and rich enough to handle a splash of milk, with hints of dark caramel and black cherry, this loose-leaf tea is more nuanced and flavorful than your typical breakfast tea.

Quick facts

  • A full-leaf black breakfast tea with depth and character, invigorating any time of day.
  • Full Leaf Tea
  • 16 K-Cups

Top reviews

Wake Me Up! I love it!

I have a Keurig, and I drink mainly tea. I had been drinking mainly English Breakfast tea in the morning. I just discovered this, and it is a pleasant surprise. It is strong, yet not overpowering. It is a bold, yet smooth flavor.It is not bitter. It could become my new favorite k-cup. I would definitely purchase it again.
GastonRocklin, CA

Love Love Love it

Tazo Awake has always been my fave black tea especially these K cups.
They are convenient, easy to use, and most importantly Never bitter!!!
VellaLinwood, MI

The best

Better than Starbucks. You can control hwo much you wnt and hwo strong. You can even get 1 1/2 out of each bullet. i have reordered this tea many times!!!!
ZenaGerber, CA

Tazo Tea

Love the taste of Tazo Tea Awake. It has a good tea flavor for anytime of day.Tazo Tea K-Cup Awake, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 10- Count (Pack of 3)
YungChenango Forks, NY

Tasty, Strong, Expensive

This tea might be the best K-cup cup of tea you can buy… it’s tasty and strong, yet not bitter. However, it is almost Twice the price of other tea K-cups, over a dollar a cup.
I would suggest that this 100% price explosion is more to do with the name Starbucks than the cost of the K-cup, if you are okay with paying for a name or price is no object, stock up!
LatonyaMontezuma, NC

Bold black tea, just as good as the tea bag version

If you enjoy the bold black tea Awake made by Tazo, you’re going to love it just as much in these super convenient K-Cups. You get the exact same great strong flavor as you do from using the tea bags. I like my tea strong, and I find I can actually make about 1 and a half mugs of tea from each of these K-Cups, and still get a good strength. Another cheaper option is simply buying a box of the Tazo Awake tea bags and just use your Keurig to make the hot water for your tea, then just add a tea bag to it. But if you like using the K-Cups, you will be happy with the cup of tea these produce. I’ve used up about half of one of these boxes so far, and only once did I end up with any tea leave in my cup. There were just a few, and it only happened one time so far, so I think it’s not that common an occurrence. It didn’t affect the cup of tea at all, I just always check to see when I’m trying out new K-Cups how clear of a drink they produce. In all, Tazo has produced a better of a cup of tea than I’ve brewed from other brands of K-Cups, such as Twinings Earl Grey, which came out cloudy and weak.

For those unfamiliar with the taste of this blend, it’s a strong black tea with no real flavors to speak of. There’s no citrus, no sweetness, nothing like that. If I was to compare it to coffee, it would be like a basic, black coffee with nothing added to it. Because of it’s simple taste, this is a great anytime tea and a great replacement for coffee.

ChristenCody, WY

A bold black tea

This tea is somewhere between an English Breakfast Tea and the bolder Irish Breakfast Tea. As with all K-cups, you can adjust the strength by selecting a cup size to your liking. I found it to be a bit bitter on the smaller sizes and have found I prefer it at the 4th setting on my B-70 Platinum brewer.

What is added to tea is personal preference, I like mine with a little sweetener but no milk or cream. It is a satisfying tea but I really don’t understand the “Awake” in the name. I typically will drink tea in the late evening since it doesn’t provide the same stimulus that coffee does for me.

While good to try, I think I will probably continue to buy the more typical and less expensive “Breakfast Teas” in the future.

MarvelGrass Valley, CA