Starbucks VIA® French Roast Coffee

Intense and smoky, Starbucks® French Roast is our darkest, boldest coffee, with surprisingly low acidity and light body. Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew French Roast delivers intense, smoky flavor-in an instant. We use 100% natural roasted arabica beans to create a blend of instant and microground coffee, so you can experience a cup of uncompromising Starbucks® French Roast anytime, anywhere.

Quick facts

  • The rich and smooth aroma of a real cup of coffee is guaranteed
  • Size: 12 Servings
  • There’s an instant coffee you can enjoy at home that’s as good as fresh-brewed coffee
  • This is 100% Arabica coffee, ethically sourced
  • To enjoy it, all you have to do is tear open a pack and add water. Let the coffee brew 10 seconds and stir

Top reviews


My husband and I agree that this brew is really ordinary. If you don’t like espresso, or strong coffee, this blend if for you! It reminds me of the coffee I used to drink before finding Lavazza, an Italian coffee we’ve drunk since 2007 when we came home from France with memories of that divine espresso. Now, we’ve gotten lazy and enjoy the Starbucks VIA italian roast instant coffee–the key to our appreciation being the strong but NOT BITTER flavor.
DustyUnion Church, MS

Great Coffee

I’ve learned that I can cutopen the top of the packet, pinch it to divide the micro-ground coffee in half, and it makes a nice cup of coffee! Be sure to know how many ounces your cup is, or, you may be making very strong coffee. Try experimenting a bit to s t r e t c h the individual packet servings. 🙂
FelicitasOld Harbor, AK

My favorite Starbucks blend!

I have tried all the Via blends, and my favorite by far is still Starbucks Tribute. It was so sad when they ran out last year. My back-up is the Columbian, always good, but I have always loved Sumatra. The cherry is a note, and does not come across as a ‘flavor’. I do not like flavored coffee. I heat this in the microwave for two minutes in a mug of 1% organic milk. Yummy!

Starbucks writes: . . . “Spicy & Cherry” and “With beans from all three of the world’s coffee-growing regions . . . Aged Sumatra, sun-dried beans from Ethiopia, and coffees from Papua New Guinea and Colombia come together to create this spicy and full-bodied blend with dark cherry notes.”

MarcelinaCarnegie, PA

Good product, and good deal.

I like the VIA Colombia instant coffee. It’s medium but still a little dark for me, so I make two cups of coffee with one pack… 🙂
Very good deal from Amazon compare to the price in store.
I’ll but this product again.
QuyenCoolspring, PA