StarKist Tuna Chunk Light Low Sodium In Water, 4.5000-Ounce Cans

Are low in fat and full of healthy Omega-3’s – with as few as 60 calories per serving. Simply add to a salad, enjoy on crackers or eat right out of the pouch! If you’re feeling a bit more creative, check out all these flavorful ways to use StarKist Creations.

Quick facts

  • Omega-3’s
  • Kosher Pareve
  • Dolphin Safe(R)

Top reviews

Watch out for the lid on these things.

My low star rating is not for the product inside the can, but for the packaging. I loathe the SmoothPull lids on this brand of low sodium tuna. I would have given the product one star, but the tuna inside is tasty, so two stars.

Unfortunately, to get to the tuna – which, again I say, is tasty, flaky and you’d never guess was missing any sodium (and it really is low sodium, for canned tuna anyway, the nutritional data can attest to that) – you have to deal with the SmoothPull top (patent pending).

These lids are designed so that once you pull up the tab, you can supposedly just give it a light tug and the thing pops right off, no peeling required. Let me tell you, the lid does not just pop right off. It flies off like it was spring loaded. Most of the time I wind up dodging a spray of juice and bits of food when I open these suckers, but this latest time I actually cut myself. These lids are sharp!

So I’m going back to my old sodium rich brand of tuna unless I can find a low sodium brand with an old-fashioned lid on it. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel.

IdaHampshire, IL

Great soy-free tuna choice!

My son has multiple food allergies, one of which is soy. Thankfully he is NOT allergic to fish, but in shopping for tuna he can eat, I’ve discovered that nearly all canned tuna has SOY in it (because it’s packed with vegetable broth, which contains soy)!!! THIS tuna, though, contains only “light tuna & water,” which makes it edible for my allergy-ridden boy. We stock up on our own allergen-free foods that can be easily stored long-term and used in emergencies if/when we can’t get to allergen-free foods. Because of our food allergies, we wouldn’t be able to borrow from the neighbors if there was a national disaster or some other emergency and we were on our own without power or access to grocery stores for a period of time. Having a supply of these quick protein sources on hand helps me rest at ease that if we ever had an emergency, I would still be able to feed my boy. The pull-tab tops are especially handy for this, as well as when we need a quick “on-the-run” lunch–don’t need to worry about remembering to bring the can opener. Just pop, pull, drain, and eat. He loves them! Thanks, StarKist, for keeping ONE tuna source that’s soy-free and providing our family with a valued protein source staple.
JaquelineChloe, WV

I like it

ok so the can is tricky, but if you just pop it open a little and let it drain the liquid, then slowly open it is easier, the low sodium is nutritionally important to me, I am very, very happy with the product, a shame though that it cost more than $2 per can for 4 oz, I think the quality of the fish to be excellent
RomonaPaige, TX

Now this is tuna

I buy this tuna for my cat as well as myself. It is a beautiful sight to behold after years of looking at regular chunk light tuna. This tuna is so much better than regular it makes the higher cost a non-issue. All that is in the can (with pop-top lids!) is chunk light tuna and water. I have long felt that solid white was the only way to go but now that I’ve discovered this I have changed my mind.
LissetteMayfield, NY

Tuna Fish

Not much to review on Starkist Tuna they continue to present a product that beats their competitors. I was very pleased with the product.
RoyalBrooklandville, MD