StarMark StarMints, Healthy Dog Treats

New low fat and low calorie healthy treats fit any interactive or treat dispensing toys.

Quick facts

  • Low fat and low calorie treats
  • fit any interactive treat dispensing toy
  • flavors dogs love

Top reviews


I have a 13 yr old Maltese/Toy poodle mix. He was originally a rescue. I have had him for 11 yrs.
He has been “sicker than a dog” the last two years! He has severe GERD, Gastroesophageal reflux disease. (People suffer from it too). If he eats anything other than his trusted foods, he throws-up, so on, so on, and so on.
The StarMark StarMints, Healthy Dog Treats, are wonderful! Absolutely no digestive problems with these!
ChingParksville, SC

Great ingredients, but…

I thought the unique flavors would be a good enrichment experience for my Cocker Spaniel puppy, and the ingredients list was extremely promising. No wheat, corn or soy, low calorie, 96% fat free, highly digestible… Sounds amazing, right?

Unfortunately, these aren’t as soft as they look in the bag. (I was imagining something the texture of Zuke’s Mini Naturals or Cloud Star Tricky Trainers.) Because they take so long to chew up (I even tried one and it took forever!), they’re not really a good training treat, which is a disappointment since StarMark is trying to build a brand around training with rewards. If they were a little softer, both my puppy and I would be a lot happier with the product. We really want to like it!

KrystinStuyvesant Falls, NY

Very tiny, best for small dogs

I purchased these treats for my dog. She is a lab/husky mix. She absolutely loves the treats. My only complaint is that they are extremely tiny. For a dog her size, I am surprised that she even realizes she ate anything at all. I think this would be a great product for a small dog. I have not looked to see if they make a larger size for larger dogs, so maybe I just purchased the wrong size. I would have given the treats 5 stars if they had been bigger.
DevoraAuburn, IN