Stash Premium Mojito Mint Green Tea With Matcha,18 Tea Bags

View larger Mojito Mint Green Tea with Matcha Enjoy all the refreshing, minty flavor of a mojito in this uniquely appealing tea. All of the island flavor is here (minus the alcohol) plus Matcha, the exceptional Japanese green tea used in the traditional tea ceremony. Natural lime flavor accents the tea with just the right zesty flair. Makes a delicious iced tea. View larger More Stash Tea Flavors to Try! If you enjoy Mojito Mint Green Tea you should also try Stash Moroccan Mint Green, Stash Green Tea Assortment, Stash Mangosteen Green, Stash Pomegranate Raspberry Green, Stash Superfruit Sampler, and Stash Green Tea Sampler. View larger Stash Tea Assortments Our variety assortments allow you to sample several of our flavors! We have green, fruity herbal, exotic, organic, guyausa, holiday and black tea assortments to name a few! View larger Stash Tea 100 Count Tea Bags Our most popular seller on Amazon. com — our 100 count boxes do not have all of the extra packaging of the retail box. It still has the foil wrapped envelope to maintain freshness. The shipping carton is smaller in size so it can be easily stored. All Stash premium, holiday, and organic flavors are offered in our 100 count box. View larger Delicious Iced Teas from Stash Tea Our 24/1 ounce iced teas come in herbal, black and green tea and are a refreshing way to cool off during a hot day! Each brew bag makes a gallon of iced tea, dependent on the flavor. View larger Stash Tea Loose Teas If you enjoy our tea bag flavors, you will be sure to love our loose tea! Many of our flavors are sold in 50 gram, 100 gram, and 1 pound packaging. Our resealable pouch allow our teas to stay fresh. View larger Stash Guayusa Tea Our newest line, Guayusa originates from the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador and is produced from the leaves of a holly tree. Fair Trade and Organic certified. Six different flavors to choose from including Lemon, Mint, Yerba Mate & Ginseng, Chocolate, Chai, and Pure!

Quick facts

  • 18 tea bags
  • Refreshing minty flavor of a mojito accented by natural lime flavor and matcha
  • Enjoy this zesty tea hot or iced
  • Kof-K Kosher certified, contains caffeine, ships in Frustration Free Packaging
  • Blended in the USA, with natural ingredients from around the world

Top reviews

Absolutely Delicious!

Another great tea by Stash! This is a nice smooth mint flavor. It has the smoothness of a bergamont black tea, yet is a green tea. It is 100% natural green tea with peppermint, lime flavor, and Japanese matcha. It is so soothing.

Like all Stash teas, each bag comes in its own individually sealed foil pouch to maintain its freshness. I used only 1 bag per 24 oz hot water. It would also make a refreshing ice tea. I suggest natural sweeteners to preserve the benefits of the green tea. Try agave cactus nectar (natural food isle of grocery store), honey, or natural unbleached sugar (next to reguar sugar in food isle).

CandraRifton, NY