Stash Tea Chai Honey Sticks, 20 Count Sticks

Founded in 1972, Stash Tea Company originally operated out of an old Portland Victorian style house, supplying loose herbal teas and bulk herbs to natural food stores. Starting in 1975, the company broadened its focus to include bagged teas and then began to sell a full line of traditional, specialty blend and herbal teas directly to fine restaurants and through a mail order catalog to consumers. Today, Stash Tea Company is one of the largest specialty tea companies in the United States. The company derives its name from an entertaining aspect of tea folklore. In earlier centuries, tea was a valuable commodity traditionally transported by clipper ship. The ship’s captain often was presented with some of the finest teas for his personal use. This supply was his “stash,” stowed carefully as his “private reserve.” Today, the term is still used to denote anything put away carefully because of its preciousness.

Quick facts

  • Case of six boxes each containing 20 sealed plastic straws (total 120 filled straws)
  • Chai clover honey, good for sweetening a beverage or as a healthy and delicious snack
  • The perfect small gift that makes a great stocking stuffer or a sweet addition to gift baskets
  • Kof-K Kosher certified, ships in Frustration Free Packaging
  • Manufactured in the USA

Top reviews

Deceptive Term = “Sticks”

When I ordered these, based on the description, I thought the honey was somehow hardened into stick-form and thus would ‘melt’ into a cup of hot tea. I was surprised when I discovered these sticks were actually thin plastic straws filled with honey! There is no way I’m going to insert a plastic straw into a hot cup of tea. I’m not sure it would work anyway; I suppose you could cut open each end and then blow the honey in the tea. Does Stash think you’re going to sip on these straws? I don’t know what the company was thinking when they produced this product, other than as a candy to be eaten.

I believe the term “stick” does not accurately describe this product and is misleading. I doubt it’s intentional, however. The Stash Tea Company is an excellent company and has many high quality teas and products.

The honey flavored with chai spices is good enough but frankly, it it a very expensive way to buy honey. Better to buy a jar and flavor it yourself. I wound up using these Chai Honey Sticks by cutting open one end and pressing out the honey into a tea cup/pot, which was messy and time consuming.

I love Stash tea… drink it every morning. But this product is a bust and I would never purchase it again.

AngelesSykesville, PA

alternative sweetner

I was disappointed in this product, as I had read and heard that this was an excellent sweetner, and it only took a small amount. NOT TRUE! I had a 8 ounce glass of tea, and added two “straws” of Nectar, and you couldn’t even tell anything had been added. Expensive if you had to use a whole pack to slightly sweeten anything.
DellaLigonier, IN

Awesome product

I have used agave for many things and find that it is a better alternative to sugar. It will not give you the sugar plunge you get from sugary products. If you are using this product in beverages please realize that it is not going to give you that same sugary, syrupy flavor that some people are used to from regular sugar or substitutes. It is a subtle sweetness.

I have served this product to friends, and those who are used to a sugary taste in their tea didn’t care for it as much as those friends who don’t use a lot of sugar. It really depends on what you are used to. I have no complaints about this product.

Agave is also better for people who have diabetes, as it does not spike blood sugar levels.

Don’t pass up on trying this great alternative to sugar. It is worth letting your tastebuds adapt to the subtleness. It is also great for baking. Also, this is now labeled as organic, so another reason to try it.

EdgardoDimock, SD

Just some info to help…

Just FYI, I checked the nutritional information on this product and it states it has 20 calories per stick. Each tablespoon of Agave Nectar has 60 calories so each stick is 1 teaspoon. So you would need three sticks for a tablespoon serving. Just thought I would throw that out there for anyone thinking about buying this product and trying to figure out how many sticks they need to use in their tea or coffee, LOL! I’m a two sticker;o)
MarinDamascus, VA

good idea but messy

this ia a good idea; however, difficult to open. must squeeze/twist pretty hard & product oozes free – usually all over fingers. also, portion size is a bit too small. still love agave.
IonaGrants Pass, OR

great flavor

The cinnamon honey sticks flavor was excellent. When added to tea it enhanced the flavor of the tea.
RexSheboygan, WI

Yummy honey in a convenient portion.

I bought this in an effort to help myself quit smoking while watching my weight. Also, I’d been looking for a smaller honey container to use to sweeten my hot tea when I’m at work. These honey sticks definitely helped. The honey was very good, the stick/straw seems to be a great way to package it as it doesn’t spill out easily. Plus, each stick is only 15 calories, so you can watch your proportion if that matters to you. I will definitely purchase this again.
ValorieVergas, MN

convenient way of taking your agave with you!

I was hesitant about this product based on some customer reviews that said there were difficulties opening the little sticks and that they (the customers, not the sticks) got agave all over their fingers… I wonder if Stash read the reviews and changed their packaging? I have not had this problem, and I’m usually *awful* at opening packaging! With these, I simply bite off the end (gross, I know, but I am a student and I don’t/can’t carry a knife around with me in my bookbag all day) and squeeze it into my coffee. It’s a great way to have my agave with me because most coffee shops and cafes have not yet started stocking this alongside their poisonous sugar alternatives (you know, those pink, blue, and yellow packets). Keeps my blood sugar from spiking, sweetens my coffee–what more could you ask for?
AzzieWaterloo, OH

Wonderful Flavor

These little goodies are so full of flavor and so good. I bought these for my granddaughter in Minnesota and sent them to her. She was thrilled, shared them with her sisters and now they are wanting to get some.
Great gift idea!!
ColleneOphir, KY

Sweet DEAL!

These are great to have! I toss one in my daughter’s lunch…have a few in my purse for a “pick” me up, etc. Tasty, tasty! Other people are so curious when I whip one out. They are amazed it’s a straw filled with honey. This is the place to find the best price on these honey sticks. Thanks for having them on subscribe and save. Great program!
AftonSouthfield, MA

Smell delightful, taste not so much

I picked up these honey sticks because I’m in a chai tea phase and thought they’d be nice to add to a simple black tea. Upon taking one from the box, I was treated to a wonderful scent of cinnamon and spices that reminded me of Christmas time. I brewed my tea, added the stick of honey and stirred. As I took that first sip, I couldn’t much smell the honey I just added. As the tea coated my tongue I was waiting and waiting for the scent of the honey stick to hit my tongue and it never really did. I could taste a tiny bit of honey, but nothing more than if I added plain clover honey to my tea. It was rather underwhelming. My second cup I tried 2 sticks and it was a little better, but for the price, I’d much rather just buy chai tea bags.

All in all, don’t expect it to taste the way it smells. Far too weak in just a simple black tea, but smells divine still sealed up!

LekishaHolts Summit, MO

Very handy, yummy too

My mom-in-law had rec’d 1 box of these in a gift box, but couldn’t find more when she found she enjoyed the convenience of them in her hot tea & on toast. She said the straws are just the right amount, they are less messy & the honey keeps longers than in a jar. A 6-pk was a great surprise for her. The price was reasonable for a convenience item.
ToriWagener, SC

Lemon Honey Sticks

These honey sticks are so nice in a cup of tea. You can even remove your tea bag with them!
GraceKasson, MN

Sweet Treat!

These Chai Honey Sticks are SO good! I enjoy eating one or two when I have a craving for something sweet. It also makes a fun non-sugar sweet treat for my toddler. The straws are the perfect size to add to a 6oz cup of tea too.
JimmieNew Concord, KY

Portable Health

I agree with other reviewers about Agave in general and also specifically this product. Know that I have a pretty big sweet tooth, and thanks to Agave I feel I’m slowly taming it. I do find Agave to be sufficiently satisfying — with the right amount. And it makes me feel very good to know I’m not jacking up my blood sugar level with sugar, and that I’m not putting sugar (which I increasingly think of as poison) into my body. But you do have to use around the same amount as regular sugar, maybe sometimes less, sometimes more. Various mfgs. of the product claim you can use less. I have not found this to be the case.

Regarding the sticks specifically, you do have to squeeze fairly hard and repeatedly to get it all out, and inevitably some gets on your fingers. However, given the above pluses, in the absence of anything better I’m willing to settle for the drawbacks as opposed to putting sugar or — quel horreur — artificial sweetners into my body when I’m away from home.

KeiraBuffalo Lake, MN

honey sticks

These are straws filled with lemon flavored honey. I love them. They taste great and are easy to take with you. I use them at work- very convenient for quick hot tea without the messy honey.
KarenHarcourt, IA

Great for traveling or eating out!

These are GREAT for carrying in my purse for eating out, or when we’re traveling, as most places do not have Agave Nectar!
Just wish there was an easier way to open them…I’m carrying a small pair of scissors to open them!
RoseHuntington Mills, PA

Agave Nectar

It’s great to have agave in a portable format. But is is difficult to open. The directions say to pinch to open. They are not so easy to pinch. I have found if you bend the tube about 1 inch above the end then pinch the end it helps. But the agave often gets on your fingers.
ClemmieAllentown, PA