Steaz Organic Energy Shot – Zero Berry – 12 oz – 4 pk

Steaz Berry Zero Calorie Energy Drink. Fair Trade Certified™, ingredient. 4-pack. 12 fl oz (355ml).

Quick facts

  • All natural and made with Guayaki Yerba Mate – nature’s most balanced stimulant
  • Clean energy
  • Sweetened with stevia
  • Naturally occuring caffeine
  • Berry good for you

Top reviews

Worst thing I’ve ever tasted

I purchased this energy drink from a grocery store that only sold natural “healthy” products. I was looking for something similar to a diet Redbull and decided to give Steaz Diet Berry a try. When I took my first sip, I was appalled by how incredibly horrible it tasted. Why on earth someone would actually decide to sell this product is beyond me. It literally tasted like coffee mixed with what I would imagine dirty water tastes like. I have no idea what possessed someone to label it “berry.” There is NOTHING “berry” about it. I called the company to express my disappointment in there product, and they took down my phone number and never called me back. I would assume that no one tasted this product before selling it. I had other people try the drinks left over in my 4-pack and they had the same reaction. DO NOT buy this product.
AlvertaLumber City, GA

One man’s food?

I read the review posted above mine and kept thinking, “Are they talking about the same product?” I love this stuff. I need a boost at various times during the week and this works well. It’s all natural and no calorie sweetened with the safest natural sweetener on the market. It’s taste is good and it does the job, at least for me.
WalterLinville, VA

Love the taste!

I drink a lot of energy drinks because of the job that I do and I am particular that they be healthy. I do love the taste, although not real thrilled at the price here. I will probably order when Amazon has a special running but I can pick this up for $7.16 at the local health food store.
MarceloDutzow, MO


The uninformed human who gave this a 1 star is plain wrong. This stuff works well, I concur with the other 5 star reviews.
RandallDover, PA

This is the best energy drink especially if you’re watching calories

I use this drink as a pre- workout energy boost and it does the trick! The taste is great, but you have to serve it chilled. I let one of my friends try it and he is a huge red bull fan and was definitely impressed with the taste. I believe the 1 star reviewer either had a bad batch or did not try it chilled.
PaigeMerion Station, PA