Steaz Organic Iced Teaz, Green Tea with Mint, 16-Ounce Cans

We created Steaz with one purpose – to provide consumers with the best tasting organic and fair trade beverages on the planet. Over the past six years we have been proud to see that vision revealed. Steaz is now the best selling brand of organic soft drinks and energy drinks in the U.S. Every day, more and more consumers find their way to the brand that is quite simply good for the mind, body and soul. And we will continue to build on our promise by introducing new products that deliver on our triple bottom-line business philosophy of people, plant and profits. So crack open a Steaz and enjoy the best Mother Nature has to offer and know that you are doing your part to make this a healthier world.

Quick facts

  • 12×16 OZ

Top reviews

Awesome tasty beverage!

Steaz Teas are great! Much better for you than other drinks and I can’t get over how good they are taste-wise. Great summertime refreshment! Mild sweetness and low sugar – 20g in 2 servings (1 can). I particularly like the Steaz lime/pomegranate, the Steaz mint (this review), and the Steaz Zero Mango/Peach (zero calories and flavored with stevia).

One complaint – I ordered in 12s form Amazon and most came bundled to hold the Steaz box together better (too thin Steaz packaging cardboard)- however, one or two 12-packs came unwrapped without the plastic and the box came open in shipping, denting a few of the cans. No harm, no foul I guess but it would be nice if Amazon required all of them to be wrapped. Note: Amazon is typically very good about packaging – so just a minor quam. Still 5 stars on the product.

DonKilkenny, MN

Refreshed — anytime of the day.

I had this tea first at a local bar and was shocked at the complexity of its mint flavors. Add the tea to a glass of ice and you truly have a great, refreshing beverage. One of the best iced teas I have ever tasted.
GillianJanesville, IL

tea lover

I love Steaz! Tea is so good for your but it is hard to find a brand that does not contain 40g of sugar. This product is much lower in sugar and much better for you than soda.
RussellTillery, NC

not bad

this is a great tasting tea. however, do not drink it on an empty stomach. it can cause a stomach ache.
RoniKailua, HI

Where is the MINT

This product stinks, no mint but has lemon juice in it. That’s not mint. Had better Green Tea with organic mint it. Will cancel this subscription.
DolorisSouth Cle Elum, WA

Refreshing but not tasty

I was looking for a flavorful Mint Green tea. I had a Mint green tea in a restaurant and was looking for that taste. This tea did not accomplish that. It just not was not bad tasting, but just not what I was looking for.
VeniceWood, SD


My favorite Steaz teas keep changing as i try new ones. So of course, this is now my current flavor, and i must say it is definitely the most well balanced of all of them. The mint doesnt punch you in the face…it is just the right amount of refreshing, and as always, the sweetness is perfect as well. If you are a sugar addict, you may not appreciate this, but as you ween yourself from sugar dependency, you will find that this is, in my opinion anyway, the exact perfect proportion of sweetness to flavor. All the aside, the mint really is the star of this beverage. Really, really perfect. Enjoy a glass on ice anytime, and you will feel a little more refreshed for having done so. I know i do.


EstelleHot Springs National Park, AR

looking for alternative because of can issue

This iced tea is very refreshing. This slightly minty smooth tea goes down very smoothly. It just hits the spot and usually only takes 2 long gulps, and I’m done. The problem is with the cans. The cans are extremely thin, and the box the cans come in is usually ripped. The biggest problem is that at least 1/3 of the cans I open, the poptab breaks, so I have to manually push the tab down. Although the broken tab stays in place, I’m always having thoughts of swallowing a piece of metal. I’d pay a dollar more if Steaz upgraded their cans and poptabs.
RandeeMount Union, PA


This is everything you would want in an iced tea…not to sweet & refreshing. I have this delivered every month! Love It!
TreyRosedale, MD

Great Steaz tea, and Amazon ships it to my house–the grocery bag’s a little lighter….

I was buying this Steaz tea at Wegmans. It’s tasty–has a nice mint flavor that’s not too little or too much. On our weekly shopping trip, I’d get a couple of cans. Then I found it on Amazon.

Not only does Amazon sell it, you can subscribe! If you buy it by the 12-can case, there’s a savings. And if you subscribe (I get a case evry month,) you save more. What’s more, they even warn you in advance, so if you want to skip, or delay a shipment, no problem–just let ’em know. And finally, they let you know the estimated delivery date when it’s shipped.

YoulandaMillville, CA

Delicious, refreshing, and light

Great minty taste but overall light and refreshing. I’ve tried other Steaz green teas and this is my favorite. I also like that the cans are 16 oz.
CecilMiddleburg, NC