Stevita Liquid Squeeze Bottle Sweetener, Peppermint, 1.35 Ounce

Stevia is a South American herb used as a natural sweetener for centuries. The leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant have a refreshing taste, zero glycemic index, zero calories and zero carbs.

Quick facts

  • Many uses – coffee, tea, smoothies, create your own soft drinks

Top reviews

Bad Packaging

This product’s container does not work well for items that do not remain upright at all times, such as during shipping. The product leaks out of the bottle before the plastic seal has been broken. Just be prepared to receive a box that smells like peppermint, with water marks all over it, with a significant amount of your product gone. If you are planning to use it before you you have time to receive a replacement, you are SOL. I have not tried the product yet, but I am hoping for good results with what I have left.
SharronSouth Rutland, NY

Sweet and Flavorful!

I’ve tried a lot of different stevia products, both powdered and liquid, and this is my favorite. Stevita is carb-free (I wrote the company for confirmation, and was suitably impressed with their quick customer service), which the powdered stevias aren’t (Truvia has 3 carbs per packet). Stevita is fantastic for anyone on a low-carb diet, or trying to cut back on sugar or fake sweeteners.

Stevita doesn’t have the aftertaste that is so common with fake sweeteners and even other stevia products. The Peppermint Stevita has a nice peppermint flavor, and just a few drops gives you a nice sweetness with a distinctly peppermint flavor. It’s perfect in a mocha, to give you a peppermint patty taste. When I use sugar-free syrups like Torani or DaVinci, I tend to use a shot in a cup, with this, I’m using 3 drops. I’m hooked! I’ve ordered all the other flavors too, and am excited to try them.

MylesCanajoharie, NY

Great for lattes

I bought 3 flavors, peppermint, vanilla and chocolate. We have used them to flavor our lattes. I was surprised at how well just a tiny bit, 4 drops per cup, can flavor coffee. I use them for the flavor and do add a Stevia packet for a little more sweetness since I do not want of overwhelm the latte by adding too much peppermint or chocolate taste. My husband loves the chocolate and I love the peppermint.
NovellaSparta, NC


One of the best liquid stevia products I’ve used. All of the flavors of this product are awesome, and believe me I’ve tried them all. The only thing I would suggest for improvement is a better bottle/lid. I keep a bottle in my purse and have to make sure it stays upright. Otherwise it leaks. Since this is a sticky product, it’s no fun to try to clean out of a purse.
HelaineLagro, IN

Excellent in hot tea

I purchased this for hot tea. It is super concentrated. I only need 3 drops in a cup of tea. It’s very fast and no aftertaste. It sweetens and adds a peppermint flavor at the same time. I also have purchased Vanilla and Toffee flavored. All have been excellent and I use them daily.
HertaMajestic, KY

This Flavor is like Peppermint candy!!

I absolutely love this along with some seltzer water it is refreshing and brings the added flavor with a touch of sweetener without the added calories. Id I were you I would put down that soda and buy this along with spring water or mineral water and have a nice refreshing drink that you will enjoy..I LOVE IT!!!
ErnestineImler, PA

Cap was Leaking!

The packing was fine but when I tried to open the cap there was leakage from the side of the cap. The product looked as though it had been stored for a long time ie: discoloration on label. I bought this when the price had gone up so I’ll be returning it because of the leak …..which is happening every time I try to use a drop.
TristanSale City, GA

Good flavor

I tried several of the flavored Stevia drops and this one gives a good peppermint flavor without having to use so much that you get the strange Stevia aftertaste. The cinnamon was my favorite, but this one was good also.
OnieGrand Canyon, AZ

Mix it up.

Taste great in coffee. Use alone or mix with chocolate version for a ‘pepperment mocha’ coffee treat!
WalterEast Stone Gap, VA

Great peppermint taste

A lot of stevia flavorings have a chemical taste, but not this one. I spray a few spritzes of this peppermint extract into my hot chocolate and no longer spend too much for a Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolate… for far fewer calories, too.
CarmelaDenhoff, ND

Holiday Sale was Too Short!

Great product for a light sweet flavor! I went to order more and the products ran out and the price went up… I should have bought lots more! Great Stuff for Tea and home-made gelatin desserts!
AdellBar Mills, ME