Stoned Wheat Thins, 10.6-Ounce Boxes

Stoned Wheat Thins are wheat crackers imported from Canada. They have no cholesterol or saturated fat (Contains 1.5g of total fat per serving.).

Quick facts

  • Delicious and wholesome
  • No cholesterol
  • No saturated fat (Contains 1.5g of total fat per serving.)

Top reviews

Read Ingredient label

These crackers taste great, but the claims on the front of the box (No Saturated Fat) are contradicted by the ingredient list (contains partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil). Apparently the claim is legal when the amount is low enough, but it’s still misleading for those of us who wish to avoid unhealthy fats.
JohnnySaint Edward, NE

Far too expensive

I can see why most supermarkets have stopped carrying Stoned Wheat Thins – they have become too expensive to stock. Online vendors charging more than $5 for a box of crackers – pretty steep. Good thing we can still find Akmak locally. TJ’s has some odd brands of crackers that might not cost as much per pound as chicken or pork.
BrookeOlema, CA

Still better than the imitators.

My local stores have not been stocking Red Oval for a while and I ran across a review in the San Francisco Examiner that asserted that expert tasters rated several imitation ‘stoned wheat thins” as better than the original. This is a poor excuse for a blind tasting, but the expert foodies with cast iron palates decided that several imitations were better than the original.

Since I have trouble finding Red Oval, I decided to give the ubiquitous Wheatsworth, ranked number two behind Whole Foods, a try. Gag me. They are truly awful. I wouldn’t serve them with aerosol Velveeta, let alone a pricey Humboldt Fog. They are chock full of superfluous ingredients, thus failing the Occam’s Razor test AND they contain too much salt, sugar, and honey. They had no cracked wheat texture whatever and a mouthfeel more like Graham Crackers. If these were intended to imitate the Red Oval product, they did a darn poor job of it. I think they are snack crackers and should not be compared to adult food. I guess the tasters liked sweet and salty.

So, I did what I had to do. I threw out the Wheatsworth and ordered a 12-pack of my 35 year favorite, Red Oval Farms Stoned Wheat Thins.

ShaneEast Pittsburgh, PA


A grown up cracker. Not too sweet, not too salty. I particularly like them when they are a little overbaked and the edges are a little brown and they have a firmer texture. These crackers go great with strong cheeses and hummus.
TillieLittle Neck, NY

Upscale, versatile, delicious!

These are great crackers for entertaining and also for munching on by yourself. Their fresh, go-with-everything taste and their smooth, balanced flavor and texture make them the perfect foil for wine and cheese, hors d’oeuvres, etc. Just pull a tub of cream cheese out of the fridge, spread it on some of these, add celery or bell pepper bits or some thin-sliced deli-meat (or not!), and you have last-minute munchies to hold everyone over while you prepare dinner. Or lay them out on a platter with some Havarti, Jarlsberg and/or Brie, with a fresh herb or some grape clusters for decoration, and you’ve got an elegant accompaniment to your favorite red or white wine or cocktail. Or just throw some in a Ziploc and take them in your backpack on a hike or in your purse for a quick snack around town. Except for the Mini version (which is even nicer — please, Amazon, bring them on!), what more could you ask for?! 🙂
HannahGolden Gate, IL

Red Oval Stoned Wheat Thins–why so expensive and hard to get?

Great crackers!! I have eaten these for years. But WHY are they SO EXPENSIVE?? The cost of these is really out-of-control. And why so hard to get?? Walmart used to carry them but do not anymore. Who wants to have to order crackers online, for pete’s sake, and have them arrive nearly expired and all broken up??
TulaFarmington, GA

stoned wheat thins

I had trouble getting these at the Market, so decided to go to the web.
CyndiFloweree, MT

Just a few broken.

Ordering crackers to be delivered by package carriers is always going to be risky. Despite the lack of cushioning in the packaging (Hello!), my delivery was pretty intact. The product is so good, and the price as well, five stars is well earned.
ReneaMiddlebrook, VA

best crackers

I stopped buying these because so expensive in the grocery store. But they really are the best crackers.Do not go stale in one day.
Problem is if you get a case you give them to everyone to share your good fortune of having the best tasting crackers for cheese and with wine and then you are down to 2 boxes.
MyrtaBound Brook, NJ

Great crackers

Stoned Wheat Thins are a great cracker. They go well with lots of toppings and are a fairly healthy snack as well. Delicious!!!!
ShielaClear Creek, WV

best crackers ever!

These are my all-time favorite cracker. They are hearty, a little on the thicker side compared to a saltine, and the texture has lots of little grain pieces you can see and taste.

These are the only cracker I eat that tastes just as good plain as they do with cheese or jam.

NidiaHuntland, TN

Great cracker but with 4 month expiration date, not right for long term storage

These are great with Havarti or Dofino or even Jarlsberg. Great for TEOTWAWKI too! Don’t be caught at the end of the world without a great cracker, some fine cheese and a good wine.
DrewRawl, WV

Good Crackers

These crackers have a nice whole grain taste and they don’t have any added sugar, which is a plus as far as I’m concerned. All they have in my local supermarket are crackers with sugar added that don’t taste nearly as good. I order these from Amazon for this reason.
JohnSwaledale, IA

Stoned Wheat Thins

We love these crackers. Our grocery store no longer carries them, so now we order them on Amazon. They go with everything and aren’t greasy.
RoseannaStevensburg, VA

Stoned Wheat Thin Crackers

These crackers are good but the mini wheat thins are just great. I hope that Amazon makes them available
LucianaJonesboro, ME

If you get them fresh, keep them fresh

If these wonderful crackers are okay when you recieve them (not stale as some have complained), you are golden. Put them in your FREEZER in the original box and they last a long time! If you use them infrequently, only take out what you want and keep the rest frozen. We have a hard time finding them, too, but Big Lots is another avenue to try. Sometimes they get a shipment in and I stock up. This way sounds much better though. I won’t have to make disappointing trips to the store.
NannetteManchester, CT

Stoned Wheat Thins

Crackers are wonderful, shipment was fast and well-packed. Crackers are crisp, perfect saltiness, thin and flaky. This is a good cracker for cheese.
FrancescoPecatonica, IL

Great Crackers

We have been ordering Stoned Wheat Thin crackers now for several years as a “subscription” and have thoroughly enjoyed them. They are low fat; whole grain, and a very tasty cracker all by themselves, or as scoopers for hummus, making a light, late night meal or snack. I keep them supplied in our home as well as a vacation home that we visit. The wheat grains are so crunchy!!!
SydneyKincaid, WV

Great with butter!

Well, I suppose what isn’t great with butter? However, these crackers really are worth the price. I grew up with these. My grandmother used to serve them with afternoon tea, and they are still my favorite. Do yourself a favor and buy some. Try them with room temperature butter and you will never be without them. They really are that good.
KirstieGenesee, ID

God crackers

The crackers are as expected except that I will have to eat all 12 packages before the expiraton date of 15 august of this year. It would have been appreciated if they had an expiration date further out in the future.
LeifRutledge, MO


These are the best Wheat Thins on the market. They stay crisp in soups, great with any cheese or dip.
Thanks Amazon for bringing this product to millions!! Local markets nationwide have stopped stocking
the best stoned wheat thin in the world.
LurleneMollusk, VA