Stove Top Stuffing Mix, Chicken, Low Sodium, 6 oz.Boxes, 12 Count

Stove Top Stuffing Mix, Chicken, Low Sodium. Made with real chicken broth. 1 box, 3 meal ideas, 30 minutes

Quick facts

  • Pack of 12 (6 Ounce boxes)
  • Chicken Lower Sodium 6 Ounce box
  • Lower sodium: 25% less sodium than regular Chicken Stove Top
  • Ready in 5 minutes; Makes six 1/2-cup servings
  • Recipes: Easy Chicken Bake; Chicken & Broccoli Stuffing Skillet; Bruschetta Chicken Bake

Top reviews

Great for high blood pressure people

This is very good. The sodium content is just right.
It is not so high that you are going to drop dead with
high blood pressure, but it’s not so low that it has no
taste. I love this stuff. It’s a great side dish with
chicken or turkey. I live in a rural area where the
stores don’t always have everything, and I have never
seen this in any store around here. I’m glad to get it
here on Amazon. Because of my rotten blood pressure,
there are alot of things I can’t eat unless I want to be
sick. I love the fact that there was a low sodium choice
available in a tasty stuffing like Stovetop. I hope
Amazon will start carrying more low sodium products.
StevenHunnewell, MO


really good stuffing well worth the money its cheaper to buy on line then it is in stores will be buying more.
SundayGold Bar, WA