Strawberries – 1 Lb Bag / Box Each

Dried fruits are very versatile. Use in baked goods, salads, sauces, stuffings, trail mixes, hot cereals, muffins, scones, fruit cakes and for homemade ice cream. Dried fruits may be eaten right out of the bag as a convenient and healthy snack, mixed with granola and almonds or in a trail mix.

Quick facts

  • Dried Strawberries are Delicious
  • Shipped from a BRC (A rated) facility

Top reviews

Great flavor.

I bought these for a convenient snack food. You don’t eat a lot at a time as the flavor is strong and the fruit filling. I do have to put them up so my husband won’t eat all of them before I have a chance to get some. I received this order very quickly from Amazon.
MitziJamestown, IN

Taste Better When Reconstituted

I didn’t like them at first when tried straight out of the bag as they were hard and too sweet. But I made myself an oatmeal, threw them in there and they became much tastier, softer and more flavourful. I also wish to try their dried blackberries and see how they are.
FranciscoGonvick, MN

Delicious strawberries

These are great and taste completely natural. A wonderful snack for hiking.
I put them in oatmeal and cook them up, they taste like strawberry jam.
EmmieKing William, VA