Strawberry Kiwi Herbal Tea 16 oz

Strawberry Kiwi is a full flavored tea with good body. During the spring in the northern latitudes when the strawberries become available they have a deep strawberry taste. This tea is like that but tempered with subtle essence of kiwi and the astringent tartness of hibiscus. Ingredients include hibiscus petals, rosehip chips, dried apple pieces, dried sweet orange peel, and natural flavors. More about this tea Caffeine free

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Like fruit juice without the sugar

I originally bought this tea from a well known retailer and loved it, but they are very expensive. This is a great price. I make the tea by the gallon and serve it iced. It tastes as good as fruit juice when I sweeten it with a little stevia, but is a much more healthy alternative to fruit juices which naturally contain lots of sugar. My husband even loves it and he is not much of a tea drinker like me, and recently my 3 year old started drinking it instead of juice. This tea is a staple in our house. I have purchased from culinary teas twice now and been very satisfied both times.
EmmaLos Ebanos, TX