Stride Gum, Sweet Cinnamon, 14-Piece Packs

You may be asking yourself, what took us so long to introduce Sweet Cinnamon? After all, we’ve had three varieties of mint gum but no cinnamon. Well, we’ve taken months and months of extensive research in perfecting the art of cinnamon. That subtle kick, the flavorful awakening, that special Je ne sais quoi (which is French for “pretty packaging”). It’s all here in Sweet Cinnamon, the new flavor that achieves cinnamon excellence. Can we say that it is a mastication masterpiece? Yes, we can. And we will. In fact, we just said it two sentences ago.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twenty four, 14-counts each (total of 336 counts)
  • Has a subtle kick, and flavorful awakening
  • Is free from sugar

Top reviews


This is the second time I have ordered and gotten Stride 2.0. Stride 2.0 is not near as good as stride original which is advertised in the photo and in the description. Now I can’t return this item. You should update the picture to advertise this as Stride 2.0. Believe me there is a difference and when you have a gum habit like I do, it matters.
EstelleBelfry, KY

Hard to find in stores

I must, now, buy this online because i cannot find it in stores, anymore. i love this gum. The flavor, and texture are long-lasting. I have always had to endure dry mouth syndrome; so i chew gum. Most ‘sugarless’ gums have a tinny aftertaste-not this one. As a bonus, i have been told, by several people, that my breath is very pleasant.
ShantiNeelyville, MO

Simply the best gum out there

Stride Sweet Cinnamon is quite simply the best gum on the market. The taste is great, it keeps my breath fresh, and the flavor lasts and lasts. It is somewhat hard to find in stores, so I buy it in bulk on Amazon. Huge fan.
ShirleenTower City, PA

Excellent long lasting flavor

I think this is the best gum out there. Great flavor and long lasting. Similar to the discontinued Extra cinnamon.
MaricruzEureka, SD


My wife and I both love this gum and have had no problems whatsoever in the order or receipt of these shipments. I wish local stores carried the sweet cinnamon, but do not for some reason
LutherFredericksburg, VA

Love this Gum

Love this gum but could only find single packs in store. Hard to find a good cinnamon flavor – this has it. Love that I could save money buy getting the larger package.
LanePorters Falls, WV

For those who cannot tolerate mint, this is a wonderful alternative

I have looked high and low for a gum that is NOT mint-based as my stomach cannot tolerate mint. I am very happy that STRIDE offers this option and that I can order it through for a reasonable price.
GennyJud, ND

So Happy!

I went to every store I use to buy this flavor from and couldn’t find it anywhere. I should have known I could buy it on Love it! Gave it out as stocking stuffer gifts at Christmas!
KaciLeesville, TX

Great Gum

This gum is great. It has a great taste and lasts a long-long time. There is not another gum on the market that compares to it.
JavierLewisville, AR