Stride Shaun Whitemint Gum, Suger Free – 14 Ea, 12 Pack

Pack of twelve, 14-counts each (total of 168 counts gum) Limited Edition Shaun White Chewing Gum Sugarless Chewing Gum White Mint Flavored

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Shaun “The Egg” White lays another egg

As you might expect from the world’s most annoying athlete, another awful ad campaign. Disgusting. “Sell out” is probably one of the most overused phrases of the past 20 years, but despite this, Mr. White still continues to find new and creative ways to ruin his credibility and appear more and more like some sort of bizarre caricature of his own fame. Maybe Sal Masakela will chew whitemint; count me out.
StevenOld Westbury, NY

Great Flavor

I bought this just on a lark. Now I think it is my favorite gum flavor. Very interesting and refreshing. It has a long-lasting flavor. similar to the taste you have after brushing your teeth.
JadaCaroline, WI

My new favorite gum

This flavor is perfect, mild yet sweet and minty and refreshing and it’s the perfect balance of all those. I gave one to my friend and he was surprised and said “This gum is delicious,” and when we had to throw it out to eat something, he said it still hadn’t lost its flavor! As long as this gum is made I will be buying this whitemint flavor. 🙂
JarrodEthel, AR

Good gum

Very soothing flavor. I know they say, “…feels like a dentist cleaning after chewing it…” but this one is the closest to making that statement true. I usually don’t leave comments on seemingly trivial items but this gum was good enough to take the time and recommend.
VivanGranger, IA


This gum is so awesome, I don’t know what I am going to do when I can’t get it anymore. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Limited Edition is not so limited. HIGHLY redommend!
RoseliaPoplar Bluff, MO