STX INTERNATIONAL STX-1800-MG Magnum Patented Air Cooled Electric Meat Grinder and Tomato Juicer with 3 Cutting Blades, 3 Grinding Plates, Kubbe and Sausage Tubes

STX Magnum 1800W Series Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder Tomato Juicer View larger STX Magnum 1800W Series Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder Tomato Juicer The STX Magnum 1800W Series Electric Meat Grinder features our “Patented – Cowl Air Induction Cooling System” presented in a durable and attractive Stainless Steel housing. The Patented Cowl Air Induction Cooling System is exclusive to this STX Magnum 1800W Series Electric Meat Grinder and our STX MEGAFORCE 3000W Series Meat Grinder. This system provides much greater cooling to the motor which can virtually Double the Life of your meat grinder! With our Patented “Cowl Air Induction Cooling System”, you will enjoy many more years grinding meat with this grinder. Over “80,000” of our STX grinders have been sold in the past 7 years with a 99.8% Customer Satisfaction Rating setting the standard for excellence. The Magnum 1800W Series Meat Grinder is the Premier Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder on the market today. Along with our patented Cowl Air Induction Cooling System, you get the great appearance and durability of Stainless Steel. If that is not enough, you receive several great accessories. Contents Whether you are a just getting started or a seasoned food processor, this STX Grinder provides you with the high quality accessories that you will need. This STX Grinder comes standard with A Size #12 Grinding Head (not a smaller Size #5 or Size #8 like most kitchen grinders) manufactured of 100% Polished Food Grade Cast Aluminum (Not Coated), 3 Stainless Steel Cutting Blades, 3 Sizes of Tempered/Hardened Steel Grinding Plates, a Set of 3 Sizes of Sausage Stuffing Tubes with Adapter, a Kubbe Attachment and a Tomato Juicer Attachment. And with a 99.8% Customer Satisfaction Rating, we stand behind our products! 3 Year- 100% Guarantee 3 Year – 100% Guarantee: All STX International Products come with a 3 Year – 100% Guarantee. The first 90 Days are covered by a Money Back or Replacement Guarantee. If your product is found to be defective or becomes defective through normal use during this first 90 day period, we will replace your unit at no charge or issue a complete refund for the product and we will pay all shipping costs involved. The remainder of the 3 Year Period (after the first 90 days) is covered by a Free Parts & Labor Guarantee. If your product stops working or becomes defective during this period, return the product to us and we will repair your product with Free OEM parts and No Labor Charges. Shipping to and from to be paid by the buyer. This Guarantee is valid only in the 50 United States and Canada. If you purchase one of our products and ship it to a destination outside of the United States or Canada, this Guarantee becomes null and void. Registering Your Guarantee: You “Must” register your product and you will “Not Be Charged” for this service. In order to register your product, go to our website (Our website will be included with your product) and Click On the “Register Your Guarantee” Tab and follow the instructions. This is a fully secure website and your information will never be sold or misused in any way. This registration site is strictly for order verification that will be used to speed up the process should you ever need to use your Guarantee for service. You may also fill out and mail the registration card provided with your product. STX Magnum 1800W Series Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder Tomato Juicer View larger Includes the Following Our STX Magnum 1800W Series Electric Meat Grinder features 1800 Watts of Peak Output Power (Maximum Locked Motor Wattage), 600 Watts of Power under no load and between 800 Watts & 1200 Watts of Power under load (while grinding meat). This unit comes standard with a Size #12 Grinding Head (NOT a smaller Size #5 or Size #8 like most kitchen grinders) manufactured of 100% Polished Food Grade Cast Aluminum along with 3 Stainless Steel Cutting Blades, 3 Sizes of Tempered/Hardened Steel Grinding Plates, a Set of 3 Sizes of Sausage Stuffing Tubes, a Kubbe Attachment & Tomato Juicer Attachment. Tomato Juicer Attachment View larger Tomato Juicer Attachment This photo shows the Tomato Juicer Attachment affixed to the STX Magnum 1800W Meat Grinder. This attachment allows you to make fresh Tomato Juice for your enjoyment (NOT intended for any other juices). Polished Cast Aluminum Size #12 Grinding Head View larger Polished Cast Aluminum Size #12 Grinding Head The Grinding Head on this grinder is a Size #12. This #12 size meat grinder features an aluminum meat pan with a hopper opening measuring an impressive 2 1/8 inches. The larger pan opening allows for bigger cuts of meat to be fed to the grinding plates and thereby reducing your meat preparation and meat processing time. The Grinding Head parts are manufactured out of 100% Polished Cast Aluminum (NOT Coated). These parts should NOT be washed in the dishwasher, but should be washed with a mild liquid detergent and hot water, towel dried and stored in a dry place. Tomato Juicer Accessories & Components Tomato Juicer Accessories & Components If you like home made tomato juice, this is the attachment that you have been waiting for. The STx Magnum 1800W Series Meat Grinder provides the quality attachments pictured here for making fresh tomato juice. 3 Tempered Steel Grinding Plates View larger 3 Tempered Steel Grinding Plates This unit comes standard with 3 Hardened Steel Grinding Plates (Course, Medium & Fine). The diameter of the plates are 2 5/8 Inches (the Standard for a Size #12 Grinder) which makes for a much faster “grind” due to the larger output for the meat that you are grinding. The grinding plate that looks like a “Wagon Wheel” is used for a Coarse Grind, the grinding plate with the Medium Holes (1/4″ Diameter Holes) is used for a Medium Grind and the grinding plate with the Small Holes (5/32 Inch Diameter Holes) is used for a Fine Grind. Please note that these Grinding Plates are made from Hardened/Tempered Steel and should not be washed in the dishwasher. They should be washed with a mild detergent (like Dawn Liquid) and hot water, towel dried immediately, coated with a food grade oil or food grade silicone and stored in a plastic bag ready for their next use. 3 Stainless Steel Cutting Blades, 3 Sausage Tubes & Kubbe Attachment View larger 3 Stainless Steel Cutting Blades, 3 Sausage Tubes & Kubbe Attachment This unit also comes with 3 Each 100% #304 Grade Stainless Steel Cutting Blades. We include the 3 Cutting Blades so you can match up one of the Cutting Blades with one of the Grinding Plates so they are a Matched Set. Since the cutting blades are manufactured out of Stainless Steel, you can wash these either by hand or put them in the dishwasher. In addition, you get 3 Sausage Stuffing Tubes and a Kubbe Attachment. The Diameter of the Sausage Stuffing Tubes are 3/4 Inch, 5/8 Inch and 1/2 Inch. The Meat Stuffer is also shown.

Quick facts

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  • Patented Cowl Air Induction Cooling System Features a Locked Motor Wattage of 3000 Watts, 3 Speeds and a Circuit Breaker for Safety
  • Size No.12 Grinder, Not a Size No.5 or No.8 Like Smaller Grinders, 2-1/2 -Inch Diameter Output for Ground Meat and 2-Inch Diameter Feed Tube
  • Includes Tomato Juicer Attachment, 3 Tempered Steel Grinding Plates, 3 Stainless Steel Cutting Blades, Set of 3 Sausage Tubes and Kubbe Attachment
  • Over 80,000 STX Grinders Have Been Sold Nationwide in the Last Seven Years While Maintaining an Incredible 99.8% Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • All STX Products Include a 1 year – 100% – Fix or Replace Guarantee, Parts and Labor Included

Top reviews


I purchased this grinder a little over 2 months ago from The Mercantile Station thru Amazon. Since that time have we run over 300 lbs of meat through it as my wife and I do not purchase hamburger from the stores anymore as we like to know what is inside our hamburger mix. We are also grinding up meat into hamburger for our relatives so this grinder is get a lot of good hard use. We had a smaller kitchen grinder for a couple of years before we purchased this one, but it was a much smaller size and it kept bogging down and our meat kept getting caught in the front of the grinder. This is why we decided to purchase a larger grinder with more power. The Magnum 1800W (we found out) is what is considered a size #12 grinder and not a size #5 or #8 like most smaller kitchen grinders and this larger output of meat made our job of grinding much faster. In fact we have been grinding 60 lbs of meat at a time and freezing it into 1 lb. bags. We double grind our meat with the largest grinding plate first and then follow up with the smallest plate for the second grind as this helps us mix the fat a lot easier.

OK – the Pros of the grinder:

1) Fast & Powerful HAWG grinder – 60 lbs. of meat (double ground) takes us around 15 to 20 minutes
2) The grinder body itself is cast stainless steel easy to clean
3) The parts of the grinding head are 100% cast aluminum – also easy to clean (NO dishwashers though)
4) 3 stainless steel cutting blades – excellent so we can match them up with the 3 grinding plates
5) Very Good instructions which also included tips on grinding meat
6) Sausage Stuffing Tubes
7) Tomato juicer attachment- nice extra, but we have not tried this one yet.

NOW – the Cons of the grinder

1) NONE so far!

We will be grinding much more meat in the future and if I come up with any extra information on the Pros and Cons of this product, I will add them to this review as time goes on, but for now we could not be happier. I can sincerely tell you if you are looking to purchase a fast and very powerful meat grinder, I would highly suggest that you buy one of these and I do not think you will be disappointed at all!

AminaMid Hudson, NY

Magnum 1800 W Meat Grinder

We’ve used the meat grinder for a few months now. It is nice to have a machine that works with me instead of against me. I actually look forward to grinding meats instead of dreading it. For its size, it’s quick and efficient. Clean up is a breeze. From set up; chopping, grinding, packing and cleaning, it’s a total of two hours for a months worth of ready to use meat. Customer service is the best. Support and solution from this company make it all that more enjoyable to use and to own their product.
A+++++++ product and A+++++++ customer service.
Thank you again,


Great product. I bought this to grind chicken back for my dog’s raw food diet. It is easy to use, and it is very fast. It saves me a lot of time. I am very very happy I have this grinder. A+++++

HerbCoushatta, LA

Amazing Wonderful Grinder

The STX Magnum stainless steel grinder is wonderful. I purchased it to grind up chicken and vegetables for raw food for my two dogs. The past 2 grinders that I used were relatively good but I would have to stop and clear jams fairly frequently or at least put it in reverse to clear the jams. I was very happy that my first batch of over 50 lbs of chicken legs it didn’t jam even once and it was so fast. In addition to all of this the stainless steel body made it extremely easy to clean. I am very very satisfied with this unit and even more satisfied with the customer service I received when I first received the unit. Amazing. Thank you. Marilyn Houston, TX
JovitaAddyston, OH

The perfect grinder for dog and cat food!

this grinder is super easy to assemble and operate, after grinding 100 pounds of dog/cat food by hand, decided it was time to break down and go electric grinder, so far tested with a “mini” grind and was super fast, easy to set up, run and clean up, wash all parts by hand, it took a couple min. and dried and stored…took bone in raw chicken, carrots( cut in 1/4 s yams, all with ease…. comes with excellent instructions too, was going to go with the turbo 3000, had a few questions, so called Jim, who suggested this unit and it fills my needs 100% My husband and I could not be happier!
IreneGarden City, MO

Best grinder I have had bar none!!!!

This is the 3rd meat grinder I have purchased, and the best by far. We make our own raw diet for our cats, so a grinder gets
a real workout from us. We grind at least 40# of meat at a time when we use it. With the other two grinders we had to reverse the grinder several times because meat got hung up. Also, we would have to let it “cool down”. With this one we have NEVER had to reverse it, and the motor stays cool. We do shut it down several times so we can crack the chicken leg bones with a mallet (we were told to do that by the manufacturer) and we do a bunch of legs at a time. I would recommend this grinder to anyone wanting a GOOD grinder that
doesn’t hang up and have to be reversed or cooled down often. This grinder is a real worker, and I would compare this with a grinder costing 3-4 times as much money.
VashtiCamp Grove, IL

Great Machine

I am very pleased with the product. did my winter canning with it and it work like a charm.
I did have a problem when it arrived, I contacted the vendor and was shipped a new machine next day. Great customer service, any company can have a problem. Its how they back it up.
I was very impressed!.
ShadClarkrange, TN