Sugar Babies, 1.7-Ounce Packages

Enjoy bite-sized, milk caramel goodness with Sugar Babies, America’s favorite chewy caramel treat. Introduced in 1935 in response to the success of the Sugar Daddy caramel lollipop, this younger caramel sibling holds its own as one of America’s most popular milk caramel candies.

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horribly stale…inedible

Just got these delivered by Amazon to hand out for Halloween. They are so old and stale I will not give them out. Then I find out Amazon doesn’t allow returns of this old candy. They will be thrown in the trash. WARNING…I’m warning you about buying food from Amazon without knowing the sell by/freshness date. You too could be stuck with old food which can’t be returned. Never again, Amazon.
SvetlanaHornbeck, LA

Sugar Babies are awesome

I bought these as part of a going away gift the staff prepared for our boss. He love them! These were his favorite candies as a child. He was so surprised someone remembered that little detail about him. Great comfort food for him.
ValentineFork, MD