Sugar Twin Granulated White: 7.13 OZ

SugarTwin is a delicious calorie-free alternative to sugar for cooking and baking, retaining its sweetness when heated. Sugar Twin Granulated White measures and pours like sugar, cup for cup and spoon for spoon. Add the sweet taste of sugar to your favorite recipes without the calories. Equivalent to 5 pounds of Sugar 7.13 OZ (202g) NOTE: Product should be stored in a cool, dry location. 

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Sugar Twin has disappeared from the stores in Washington & Idaho …. so glad we can get it from Amazon. My husband uses it and hasn’t found ANYTHING to compare.
Amazon always seems to come across for us when we are searching for things that are no longer in the stores.
Thank you ~ JoAnne Sutton, Vancouver WASugar Twin Granulated White: 7.13 OZ
ElizabethRaymond, KS

Best sweetener on the market!

We’ve been buying Sugar Twin for years. All the sudden we could no longer find the 7.13 ounce boxes in local grocery stores. They are so much more convenient than small packets because we make iced tea by the gallon. We tried substituting other brands of sweeteners, but none of them sweetened as well as Sugar Twin. We were so glad to find that size still available online. It’s by far the BEST of the sugar-free sweeteners!
RobertoHansville, WA