Sugimotoya Okonomi Yokan – Tranditional Japanese Sweet Bean Paste Jelly Cookie Cakes – 5 Flavors

Sugimotoya Okonomi Yokan – Tranditional Japanese Sweet Bean Paste Jelly Cookie Cakes – 5 Flavors (Matcha, Persimmon, Read Bean, Salty, Cream) – 12.1 Oz

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These are like most other traditional Japanese sweets – a derivative of Chinese sweets that have had all the flavour taken out.
The azuki one looks innocuous enough, but the texture is rather disgusting. It looks smooth, but in fact contains rough skins of the beans, and once that shock has passed, you’re left with a kind of bland earthy flavour offset by mild sweetness. Why would anyone eat this anymore, this strikes me as a food for poverty-stricken times.
NelleTrinidad, CA

buy cheaper at the store!

what a rip-off. i bought the exact same item at my local japanese grocery store and it was only $4. i’m almost out and i wanted to see if i could buy them online, but every store is over-priced!

youkan has always been a favorite snack for me, but paying double the price is definitely not worth it!

JuanLancaster, WI

delicious treats

These are very delicious yummy jelly cakes. I remember enjoying them as a child. My korean mother would give us kids something really similar and they bring back really good memories. They might be a little strange to someone who isn’t used to the consistancy, but its worth trying. They’re all pretty sweet and nice to nibble one. I usually just have half of a bar at a time, unless I’m hungry
JoeMilltown, WI


These are a great snack item. I saw some people saying that they couldn’t eat a single one in one sitting, but I really didn’t have a problem eating a couple of them per day. Granted I enjoy most japanese food/snacks and red bean paste/jelly are no mystery to me. If you want to try something different then give these a shot, I can’t guarantee you will love them as much as I did, but I can say that I wasn’t alone in that feeling. I shared them with some of my other fraternity brothers and they loved them as well.
MonroeBeechmont, KY


If I cut these into small-sized squares I can handle eating them… Almost like eating soft-gummy candy with strange flavors. I was glad I bought them just to experiment and try something new.
KatelinPlainville, CT

Finally Found Yokan!!

Love love love this product!! It’s been years since I have been able to find Yokan, and I was surprised to see that Amazon (through the Pier Mall) sells this sort of stuff, really cool. This assortment is great for those looking to try something new or for those who already are fans that want to try different flavors. My only “con” is that I wish the squares were a little bigger. But at this price, it’s perfect!!
JosefineCampbelltown, PA

Great taste!

Very good tasty.It is a great feeling to have it while i am watching the Crayon Shin-chan. And I think someone will share my feeling.
AlvertaLa Grange, CA


I have a love for Japanese sweets, particularly those made with red bean paste, but I haven’t tried Yokan until I bought this little pack. That being said, I suppose I don’t know what Yokan “should” taste like.

But I must say, these taste wonderful to me! They are quite sweet actually, and I can’t eat more than half a bar at a time. A few reviews note a grainy texture or whole beans, but I’ve found quite the opposite to be true. All of them in my batch are very smooth textured, and I’ve only found a single whole bean so far. My personal favorite is probably the matcha or the plain red bean. I could do without the salty flavor, but by no means is it awful or inedible.

Obviously these are very overpriced. I don’t have an Asian grocery anywhere near me, so I paid the insanely high price here anyway. I’ve found the same brand of Yokan elsewhere online for much cheaper now, but this was the cheapest way I could try small amounts of many flavors.

I do want to add that I don’t appear to have received the persimmon flavor. From what I can figure, the flavors I have are: Red Bean, Cream, Salty, Matcha and Chestnut. I’m going off of minor knowledge of Kanji, so I could be wrong. Just thought it was worth noting.

LaverneHarrisburg, PA

I really like these

Sugimotoya Okonomi Yokan – Traditional Japanese Sweet Bean Paste Jelly Cookie Cakes – 5 Flavors (Matcha, Persimmon, Read Bean, Salty, Cream) – 12.1 Oz — New Arrival! I really like these. I just got them today. When I first bit into one, I put it back to save for later. Well, the taste remained in my mouth and I ended up “having” to eat the whole thing. They have a good texture, sweet but not too much so, and it was filling. I gave it 4 stars only because they are very expensive. Living in a small town, I dont have any Chinese or Japanese grocery stores where I might be able to purchase them for much less. If I eat one each day, the cost for 30 would be $46.20 per month. Geez I should not keep trying new stuff – LOL MM
JenifferSterling, CT