Summer Black French Truffles – Brushed First Choice – 1 x 7.00 oz

When the fresh truffle season ends (yes, a dark day indeed in kitchens around the world), we’re thankful that there is an alternative to get our truffle fix. Enter preserved truffles. These are not as pungent or flavorful as the fresh kind, however, at a much more accessible price, they do allow you to experiment with truffle recipes. Summer truffles will not be very striking out of the jar, or have much aroma or flavor if used raw. Rather, you need to coax the flavors out, and they will need to be heated up or cooked with to bring out the flavors. Best for used in hot dishes like risottos, omelettes and mashed potatoes. The heat of the dish itself will help bring out the aromas. Preserved truffles are a nice, budget-friendly way to add visual truffle appeal to dishes. However, if you are looking to add the pungent aroma and taste of truffles to your dish, we recommend that you explore our fresh truffle selection at Jarred or canned truffles, sold by us or any other vendor, are mere shadows of their fresh truffle selves and will not, by themselves, deliver the aroma or flavor of fresh truffles. They are great to use with truffle oil the oil will add the flavor, the preserved truffles the truffle look, but preserved truffles should be used only to garnish a dish, or in conjunction to truffle butter and oil during those times when fresh truffles are out of season or when the budget doesnt allow for the real thing. Preserved truffles out of the jar or can have almost no flavor or odor. If you are looking for the true flavor of a fresh truffle, then please visit our fresh truffle page and purchase a fresh truffle – we carry the markets best selection of fresh truffles while they are available at unbeatable prices. If youre looking to add a truffle appearance to your dish, then this is the product for you, as the excellent texture, rigidity and wholeness of our preserved truffles will give any dish a truffle look.

Quick facts

  • Product Brand: Plantin – Country of Origin: France
  • Ingredients: Black Truffles (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.), water, salt.
  • Product is shelf-stable and will ship via FedEx Ground service
  • Availability: Usually ships within 1 business day

Top reviews

What it is….

As any chef or foodie worth his Fleur de Sel de Guerande Sea Salt knows, fresh truffles are the only real way to go as far as the whole product. Sure, Urbani oils and some truffle butters are a good substitute if you want that infusion, but as for whole truffles, if you want that real quality – A) you’re going to pay for it and B) get it from a company that has a high quality of fresh goods that you know and trust (since fresh truffles will cost you a bundle…white more than black. Also seasonality plays into the truffles (black – harvested usually in autumn and winter and white around October and November). Buying “fresh” truffles in May is not usually advised. Local chefs of gourmet restaurants can sometimes tip you off to the good purveyors (if they are worth anything). If nothing else, write to some famous chef you admire and they can give you a source for the goods if you’re lucky 😉

The bottom line of this product (or any bottled/not fresh truffle) is this – you get what you pay for…which is to say something substandard for a big price tag. You want good? Empty out your bank account and buy fresh.

YuriBrighton, MI