Sun Maid Calimyrna Figs, 6-Ounce Bags

Stay fresh reclosable zipper. Taste the sunshine! Taste the exceptional, sunny sweetness of Sun-Maid’s golden colored California Calimyrna Figs. Sun-dried to perfection in the warm California sun and gathered at peak flavor, each fig is hand selected to ensure only the best fruit is delivered to you. Convenient, high-energy snack; Chop and add to hot or cold cereal; Diced, they make a perfect addition to salads; Dip in melted chocolate for a delicious dessert. Fruits and Vegetables – Eat 5 to 9 a Day For Better Health: Health professionals agree that eating 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day can be beneficial to your health. Just a quarter-cup (about 1.5 ounces) of Sun-Maid Calimyrna Figs provides a full serving of fruit. It’s a great-tasting way to add more to your diet. So get your 5 to 9 a day fruit and vegetable servings the fast and easy Sun-Maid way.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 6, 6 ounce bags (total of 36 ounce)
  • Rich in fiber and essential nutrients
  • The nutritional value will vary depending on the serving size

Top reviews

Too expensive and dry!

There are only 12 pieces in a bag, and they are dry, not worth it. I will stick to ones that I find in local middle eastern or Indian grocery stores.
CheryllIdyllwild, CA

Won’t Buy Them Again

I like figs, but I was not fond of these. They were too dry when I opened the package and did not seem ‘fresh’. (I am aware they are a dried product!) I have had better ones from other stores and am willing to pay a little more for figs I like better.
NapoleonPeach Bottom, PA

Satisfactory. The price was fair

Quality consistency was not up to the highest standards, but I am still happy to have bought it
ChaseMonongahela, PA

Dry as Shoe Leather and Tasteless — AVOID!

Received these figs from Amazon and was horribly disappointed. They are almost inedible. They are extremely tough and as dry as shoe leather. There is very little fig “meat” inside the leathery skin.

I will look elsewhere from now on. I have had Calimyrna figs before and know what to expect. These “figs” from Sun-Maid are only fit as a food source for starving cattle! Where is the quality control at Sun-Maid?

IsabelleDorrance, KS

If you like figs, you’ll love these

I’ve bought five different growers’ figs from Amazon – though I suspect it’s one big Fresno cooperative that separates by type and dryness. For sweetness, freshness, and just overall taste, the Sun Maid Calimyrna win hands down, BUT they are the most expensive. They come in a 6-ounce bad instead of everybody else’s 8. And be careful: Sun Maid also has the darker figs in 8 ounce packs, and they’re plump and sweet as well, but I can only get those in the market right now.

The best buy is Blue Ribbon Orchard Choice Figs. They’re quite a bit drier, but taste as good. They’re also smaller, so watch the calorie count. There’s a tendency to east 8-12 of these little ones without thinking that you’re going through 240 calories fairly quickly.

I see no difference between organic and … what, inorganic … except that organic costs more. All five that I’ve bought run between $2.50 and $3.00 a pack, about 60 cents less than market price. But all five have exactly the same calorie count, vitamins, and additives or lack thereof. All come from Fresno, and the two differences are in size and mositness.

If I were a rich man (play Fiddler in the background), I’d buy a truckload of the Sun Main. Oh, yeah, most of the Sun Maid Calimyna don’t have stems to worry about. On the other hand, sometrimes stems make for good “handles.”

HildaAvery, ID


I was surprised to see bad reviews here because, in my experience, this is a fantastic product. The figs are soft and absolutely delicious. We’ve been eating them as a snack and love them.

They are a very good deal too, with the free shipping, 60 cents cheaper than what supermarkets charge in my area.

Will reorder soon. Glad to see them available as “Subscribe and Save”.

CameronAthens, LA

Quite good

Received these in record time. Found the fruit quite fresh and not at all dried out, but perhaps picked slightly too early as the taste is not quite as full as could have been. However, will definitely re-order. Greatest bargain I’ve ever found, and I’ve been nearly addicted to dried figs of all types since childhood. Keep up the good work, Amazon!
PhillipDiamond City, AR

Very good dried figs

These figs are pretty good. I actually cut the ends off and some of the outer layer and then chopped the remaining fig up to put in different things.
BrittaniDu Pont, GA

Not as good as the Kalamata figs

I tried these figs as some reviews said that these are better as they are more most but I found these a little mushy. I realized I prefer a slightly drier variety and I actually prefer the taste of Kalamata figs over these. Although these were much cheaper in price, I don’t think I will buy these again.
TorriEstacada, OR

Sunmaid Calimyrna Figs

I was disappointed that the figs were very dry. I used to be able to find this product locally, and I preferred Calimyrna to the Mission figs that are available locally, so I went on line to find a source. I have opened only 2 packages. In the first, they were all dry; in the second, the last 2 figs were moist and sticky, the way I like them. I had left the package in an air tight container for several days – maybe that softened them. Or, it may be that this was last year’s crop, since I know that this is a seasonal product.
MatildeCompton, CA

Yummy figs! I miss fresh ones in CA

I used to live in southern CA and had delicious fresh figs straight from the tree. I now live in the very cold mid-west and long for the taste of those figs. I ordered these from Sunmaid. Though they are not fresh from the tree, they are still sweet and delicious!
YiPeoria, AZ

Imperfect but very good

Calimyrna figs are God’s own fruit, luscious and sweet and filled with all that’s best of figs, pairing very nicely with Wensleydale or White Stilton and a nice coffee.

No one who bought these figs ever lamented the act. Unless, of course, that person had a fig tree.

AveryPlain, WI