Sun-Maid Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins – 48 oz

The magic of chocolate the goodness of nature. We drench the finest, most plump and juicy California raisins with the purest, creamiest milk chocolate for a truly extraordinary experience.

Quick facts

  • You can feel good knowing that raisins rank among the top antioxidant foods, and there’s one whole serving of real fruit in every delicious 1/2 cup Sun-maid pure milk chocolate raisins naturally irresistible.
  • 100 percent natural select California raisins
  • 40 percent less fat than the leading chocolate candy bars
  • Kosher dairy

Top reviews

Melted and Unusable

I had ordered these chocolate covered raisins for our wedding candy “bar”. When we got it, it was completely melted and wouldn’t even come out of the container because it melted together. All of the chocolates turned gray and they were completely unusable. We were very dissapointed!
JulieannCollinston, UT

great packaging

ordering chocolate shipped cross country in August was a risk. Item arrived in perfect condition thanks to the icepack enclosed.
MarylnPineville, NC

wrong size jar

The chocolate covered raisins seemed fine from the packaging, but when I looked at the container, it was a 48 oz jar instead of a 51 oz jar. I tried to send it back for a refund or get a jar that was the correct size for the money I paid, but there was no return option. It was only a 3 oz difference from the original, but I was still disappointed that I did not receive the item I wanted for the price I paid. Other than that, I am satisfied with my purchase.
CorettaSulphur, OK

A favorite snack

I ordered this in January, so chances of melting was minimal. I agree that ordering any chocolate product in the middle of summer may not be the best idea. My order was received in excellent condition and the raisins tasted as expected. Chocolate Covered Raisins are one of my “all-time” favorite snacks. I love chocolate and the raisins give me the impression I’m eating something that’s not so bad for my health. It’s 170 cal for 30 pieces with 6g of fat. However, I usually combine the chocolate covered raisins with mixed nuts and regular raisins. Over half the calories are from the sugars in the raisins themselves. But, when mixed with the other stuff, the number eaten is way less than 30 pcs.
The packaging is nice but does make a lot of noise in the shipping box. I worry about what people handling the box might think about the contents. Overall, a delicious snack and when mixed with nuts and other dried fruit, not too detrimental to your health.
AlyssaGrays Knob, KY


Great for the late night longings, and you can pretend that they are a little healthy. I put them in zip lock bags to limit proportions. This jar from Amazon was very fresh.
KoryGilbert, AR

The best

I grew up on Sunmaid raisins and when they started to cover them with chocolate I thought I was in heaven. I cannot get enough for these things it is dangerous, lol.
I find the chocolate is smooth and creamy and a nice intensity, the raisins are always soft and chewy. These are perfect.
The large container is the best way to buy them. They are always fresh and I would recommended them.
DiannMorongo Valley, CA