Sun Maid Vanilla Yogurt Raisins, 5-Ounce

Sun-Maid®. Raisins Vanilla Yogurt Raisins Mini Boxes. Since 1912. Mini-Snacks®.

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I love these raisins, and sun maid is the best I have tasted so far. This packaging with the little boxes is perfect to grab and go. If my energy drops while I am out I just reach in my purse and have just the right snack to keep going. These also taste amazing, it’s a good thing I got them in this packaging, I can see myself easily just eating the whole bag. I have even converted my husband, instead of a candy bar I give him a box of raisins instead he loves them and with fewer calories it has helped in his quest to lose weight, he is down 30 pounds so far. Just from cutting back in these little ways, I have also lost 40 pounds and the raisins are good for you, kind of like concentrated wine to me. I was having liver problems and switching to these type of snacks along with exercise has cured my liver ailment. I say try them to anyone, my husband was a chocolate bar, I hate yogurt guy and he loves these yogurt covered raisins. Recommend them to everyone when they ask about our change in diet. I know they aren’t perfect the sugar in the yogurt is high. My one and only recommendation to sun maid is to find a sugar free yogurt the raisins are sweet enough.
AngleaWinfield, IL