Sunbelt Bakery Granola Bars Chewy Oats & Honey – 10 CT

Classic, simple, timeless. These words describe the deliciousness our Oats & Honey Chewy Granola Bars bring, as they combine the taste of whole grains with the sweetness of honey.

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  • Sunbelt Bakery® Oats & Honey Chewy Granola Bars

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Like a tiny beacon of sunlight…

Silky smooth and oatfully delicious, this chewy morsel makes for a wonderful breakfast or a hold-me-over snack that hits all the right notes of savory and sweet, utilizing the honey and oats to perfection. I know there is a lot of hyperbole here, but it’s deserved. The bars a tad small, and so they may not be entirely filling for a meal, but the sharp sweetness that comes from this bar is probably too sharp for a larger bar. As it is, this is the perfect bite (more like four) and for that I’m happy to munch away between lunch and dinner.
ClemenciaSebewaing, MI

Don’t buy it here!!!!!!

Okay YES these granola bars are yummy and the perfect texture but…. Your getting RIPPED off!!! You can buy a box for under $2 at walmart!!! They have all flavors and they come in 10 packs!!!
ThanhHimrod, NY