Sunflower Jasmine Tea 1 LB

Jasmine Tea is one of the most pleasant tasting green teas available on the market. It is a green tea with surprising body and a captivating floral taste that is not found in any other natural tea. On the nose the dry tea has a floral bouquet, which literally causes your senses to come alive with pleasant thoughts

Quick facts

  • Jasmine Tea
  • Captivating floral taste
  • Fresh taste
  • Green tea

Top reviews

M I S L A B E L E D……( H I D D E N — L A B E L L E D )……T E A ?????

I have been a fan of Jasmine Tea for quite a while. Several years ago,
I had my first taste of TWINNINGS Jasmine Tea, and fell in love with the
sweet, delicate flavour….totally different from even the “English Breakfast Tea” made by the same company. Though “English Breakfast Tea”,
(and “Darjeeling”, and even Fortum & Mason’s “Royal Blend” tea are different from the usual “Orange Pekoe” or “Orange Pekoe and Black” teas, one usually gets bagged in the supermarket, these other ‘rarified’ teas are far more like the usual tea than Jasmine Tea. Jasmine Tea, (at least as made by Twinnings), will always be my total favourite.

When I went to purchase some “TWINNINGS Jasmine Tea” through Amazon, they were out of it…thank goodness, as it turns out, temporarily. I didn’t know this at the time…and so, I bought the “substitute” then offered…Sunflower Jasmine Tea. I figured that Jasmine Tea is Jasmine Tea, no matter who makes it ….right? And this Sunflower Tea DID seem slightly less expensive….so, I bought some.

I have just had my first cup. It did NOT taste like the Jasmine Tea I so remember and appreciate. This is a very, very PALE tea in colour….and what is worse, the taste is somewhat peppery, (ulgh!)….with only the VERY slightest hint of the wonderful Jasmine Tea Flavour I remember.

WHAT went wrong, I wondered. HOW could this be so different? Tea trees
should know no nationality or political system! I was extremely bewildered and confused….for about five minutes. But I found out the reason, (I think), just before I started to write this review…seeking out the Sunflower Jasmine Tea for which I wanted to write a review.

Amongst the “Jasmine Teas” listed are TWO TYPES of Twinnings Jasmine Tea.
One is “Jasmine Tea”, the other “Jasmine Green Tea”. I suspect that THIS is the reason I so dislike the Jasmine Tea from Sunflower. It is NOT “straight” Jasmine Tea…but MUST be Jasmine Green Tea. And although Green Tea is said to have myriad health benefits, it sure doesn’t make as tasty and satisfying a brew as Jasmine tea. Even when, it seems, it is MIXED with Jasmine Tea.

One would expect people in the People’s Republic of China to know the difference! And to label their tea accordingly! Not everyone, (including me!) is a tea expert…and the difference between “Jasmine Tea” and “Jasmine Green Tea” should be noted on the tea-box label, for tea novices, such as I…as it is, thoughtfully, by Twinnings Teas. I am, at present, extremely disappointed at the carelessness in labeling.
Those who want “Jasmine Tea” only will, I am sure, be likewise disappointed by this probably-mislabeled-by-mistake-or-by-carelessness “Jasmine Tea”. It is NOT “Jasmine Tea” to my palate — it is, I am almost certain, “Jasmine Green Tea”. There is SUCH a difference in taste!!!!!!

I know Green Tea is good for one, and so I will keep this tea. I will combine it with the “ordinary” tea I find at the supermarket — and which I find far more flavourful! (NOTE: Second cup of tea — even mixed with “ordinary” orange pekoe tea, (two tea-bags!), is not to my taste. Therefore….as is listed in the “NOTE: PS”, below, I HAVE DECIDED I AM NOT KEEPING this tea, but am putting it up for sale, for those who enjoy Jasmine Green Tea, (obviously some people do, as reflected in the other, sterling reviews of this tea), and would like it — 1 pound minus two servings — at a bargain price.)

However, this tea is certainly not to MY taste. And so disappointed am I, that, unless there is a very, very great difference in price, I will stick to buying genuine,
“JASMINE Tea”, from Twinnings, (who takes the time and trouble to carefully label each TYPE of Jasmine Tea), from now on — even if Sunflower does decide to mend it’s ways and re-label its tea!

A great flavor disappointment — due to careless labelling!


p.S. NOTE: Today, 12th March, 2009 — two days after I have written this review — and about 6 days after I have received this tea, I have FINALLY seen that, yes indeedy….the package DOES say, “Green Tea With Jasmine Flowers” — on the BACK of the tin, in smallish lettering! One cannot see the BACK of the tin from the illustration! From the “Product Description”, it states that “Jasmine Tea is one of the most pleasant-tasting green teas available….” — but does NOT mention any differentiation between the two varieties: “Jasmine Tea”, ane “Jasmine Green Tea” — as Twinnings Teas thoughtfully does. Even from the “Proudct Description”, which probably has been supplied by Sunflower, a novice would STILL not know there are two distinct and different TYPES of Jasmine Tea! AND THERE DEFINITELY ARE TWO VARIETIES: – I have been on the phone with my sister, and she concurs: she (also), LOVES plain Jasmine Tea, but detests Jasmine GREEN Tea. But — I suppopose there ARE those who enjoy Jasmine Green Tea, looking at the ohter sterling reviews of this same tea.

I don’t like it. But I’m glad that there are those who do like it. I have had two cups of 5his tea — and have revised my opinion about keeping it. I am putting it up for sale, via my shop. I may lose mnney in this transaction, but better that, (for me), than suffering through more of this Jasmine Green Tea. Besides, there PROBABLY ARE others who like it. I guess I’ll not only be doing myself a favour — but will also be doing my “good deed” for the day, by putting it up at a bargain price for those who truly enjoy Jasmine GREEN Tea! If you want to buy it, it’s here — used only twice, at the aforesaid bargain price! (Hey, that rhymes!)


KellyNew Salem, PA

Great “Chinese Restaurant” Jasmine Tea

A disappointed buyer and reviewer of this tea commented that this tea is not like Twining’s Jasmine tea, which has a much stronger jasmine flavor. Nor does this tea contain (many) actual jasmine flower petals, which perhaps led to the other reviewer’s statement that this tea is mislabeled. However, it is not mislabeled and it is jasmine tea, and unlike stronger jasmine teas, the flavors of the tea and jasmine in this scented tea are very well balanced.

This tea is exactly the same as that served in many Chinese restaurants, so if you like that tea, you will like this. The jasmine flavor is produced by placing a large quantity of green tea in an enclosed hopper, placing jasmine flowers in an adjacent hopper with a mesh or air channels between, then blowing very hot air through the jasmine flowers, which picks up the flowers’ fragrant essential oils and distributes them onto the tea leaves in the adjacent hopper. This process produces a gently but wonderfully jasmine-scented green tea with a well balanced flavor. I love it.

LukeFajardo, PR

Delightful Tea

I think this is the best Jasmine Tea ever. It is full of Jasmine flowers and fragrance, and is not bitter. I am not an habitual tea drinker, except for this particular tea.
MintaSpringfield, GA

The Best Jasmine Tea Ever

I discovered this tea in San Francisco 35 years ago, and I have been faithful to it ever since. No other jasmine tea matches its caliber. I now live in a rural community, so shopping for this item is not easy. Thank you for offering it on Amazon.
CameliaNesbit, MS

Tastes Very Strong and Harsh

BIG DISAPPOINTMENT !!!!! I’m so glad that Amazon makes GOOD on BAD product. I had to return after I got sick from drinking it.

There was no mfg. date on can as indicated, this could have been the problem too.

Maybe I got a bad batch, but this is horrible!!!

TheresiaLitchfield, CT

Great Product

This a great tasting Jasmine tea. I have been buying the same tea from the same company, Sunflower for 20 years. It is just the right flavor.
SummerAllendale, MI

A very nice, simple tea.

We’ve been drinking this for years as a simple morning or lunch tea; it is not fancy, but it is reliable and always satisfying. Hard to beat the price, too.
GennaOriskany, VA

Mild taste and a nice fragrance…

This tea has a very mild taste and it has a nice fragrance. When you brew it for just a few minutes, you will drink a relaxing tea with its wonderful jasmine fragrance. I definitely recommend it. You will not regret…
ElenoreBogota, NJ

Exactly What I Was Looking For.

This is perfect for my needs. I am a huge fan of loose leaf teas, from very mild white teas to deep, rich, strong black teas. I realized the only thing missing from my inventory was a Jasmine tea that was almost identical to the ones served in finer Chinese eateries. And, voila, this Sunflower Jasmine fits the bill just as I had hoped. A nice, smooth, easy to drink tea that goes well with any meal. Couldn’t be more pleased.
LelandAdena, OH

This is tasty tea!

My husband selected this because we like jasmine tea. Turns out to be quite tasty and was just what we were looking for. Very happy with purchase.
StanleyArispe, IA

A great balance of flavor

I have tried a lot of green jasmine teas. This is, in my opinion, one of the best. Excellent blend of flavors.
MerilynMaryland Line, MD

Great tea!

The first time I ever had this tea, I could not believe how delicious is was. I had only been exposed to southern style sweet tea (which I still love), and had decided to pick up a tin of the sunflower brand jasmine to try. It is so delicate and sweet — just perfect! I have been a fan ever since and I am loyal to this brand.
By the way, this IS real jasmine tea. The reviewer who said otherwise didn’t read the description or label. It is a delicate tea, not overpowering, and steeps up beautifully as long as you don’t steep too long (all green tea will become bitter if steeped too long or in water that is too hot). It really is tasty, with or without a dash of sweetener. With a drop or two of honey, it is heavenly! It also makes a yummy bubble tea, if you like that kind of thing.
GiselleBoiceville, NY