Sunflower Oil – zvijezda, 3L


Quick facts

  • Package contains 3-liters of sunflower oil
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids helps lower blood cholesterol
  • Ensure the normal operation of our body

Top reviews

Taste is excellent and the price was right

Sunflower oil. During a recent trip to Europe I had the opportunity to be blown away and not by the amazing architecture! When I ordered French fries (or chips, maybe), I was met with a light, unique flavor. And it wasn’t just the fries that I was enjoying. After inquiring to my fiance, a European, as to the taste, she told me they cook nearly everything in sunflower oil. How have I gone so long without ever having the opportunity to enjoy sunflower oil? It seems it is the corn industry of Europe, so sunflower oil is “cheap” in Europe like corn oil is cheap here in the US.

The other issue is that sunflower oil in the US, when and if you can find it, is super expensive. Sure, the Zvijezda oil isn’t cheap even after shipping, it was still cheaper than the $5 for 16 oz I can find in stores, so I jumped on this.

I assume the marketplace seller didn’t have anymore of the 3L bottles and instead shipped 3- 1 liter bottles instead, which was just fine with me as it takes up just about the same amount of space in the cupboard.

Sunflower oil has a lighter taste than corn oil but still definable. Sunflower oil also has a similar smoke point as corn oil, which means you can use it at a higher temperatures (especially for deep frying). Over all, I am quite pleased with this oil. It isn’t the highest grade, but if you are using it for cooking over cosmetic use (go for higher grade for something like that!), this is a heck of a deal and a great replacement or compliment next to your corn and olive oil (if you want oil to flavor something, best to use olive).

CorrieLakewood, WA

Absolutely fantastic!

I had read on Dr Oz website that Sunflower oil helps fight belly fat. So I got this as an alternative to other cooking oils that we have been using. I have even used this to replace the olive oil normally used in pizza dough. It makes the texture of the dough fantastic and so easy to handle. I love this product and will buy again and would certainly recommend to friends and family and other users of Amazon. Side Note: There is not a real difference in flavor between this and other oils that I have seen or tasted and this one is better for you. The only time I use any other oils is when I am low on this one and/or I need the strong flavor from olive oil for Italian dishes.
FletcherBoaz, AL

Excellent Quality Oil

This is a wonderful oil. I am not able to get Sunflower oil anywhere locally unless I want to pay a huge price for a small quantity. Even with the cost of shipping, I would purchase this again.
TrevaBradley, MI

leaky arrival

Post office held for my ispection, arrived in a oil wet box, 1/4 of product leaked out during transit. Since ordering I have learned that oils in plastic bottles leach chemicals into the oil that can mess up your hormones. Not good. Need to go to a better container.
MozellBeaverdam, OH