Sunridge Farms Organic Raw Sunflower Seeds, 8-Ounce Bags

Our SunRidge Farms Organic Nuts and Seeds: Are USDA Organic, certified by QAI; Use no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or preservatives in growing and processing; Contain no hydrogenated oils. SunRidge Farms Certified Organic Nuts and Seeds are selected from premier orchards and fields. Our buyers travel extensively throughout the world to visit farmers and ensure that we pack only the freshest, most delicious, and highest quality nuts and seeds available. SunRidge Farms Organic Products offer plentiful protein, mineral & fiber content. This translates into a good health approach and great taste, an inviting combination indeed.

Quick facts

  • Certified Organic
  • Healthy snack
  • Please note: The first 3 numbers represent the date of production using a 365 day calendar, the next two numbers are the year. (‘001’ is January 1, ‘364’ is December 31, ’11’ is 2011). The shelf life is one year from the production date.
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Very bland

These might mean well, but I found the seeds to be very bland. NO SALT is added, which I did not realize when I bought them:( Also, you should note that they need to be refrigerated once opened. Not very convenient when taking them on trips or to the beach. These may be good on salads , but otherwise, I found them to be less than desirable. I guess a real health food nut would like these. I try to eat organic, all natural foods as much as I can. But, I can find much better tasting stuff than these seeds. On a positive note, sunflower seeds are among the healthiest foods you can eat. VERY good for you. I ended up giving almost all of this shipment to the food for the poor.
PearleMarine, IL

allergens not listed correctly on amazon

I think the allergy statement on this page is REALLY MISLEADING. It only warns about peanuts and tree nuts, when actually the package also mentions a number of other allergens that these sunflower seeds were exposed to. If there was no allergen statement, I would have contacted the manufacturer to find out the allergen statement for this product. But because there is allergen info in the description on Amazon, I assumed that it was the complete list, so I went ahead and ordered these, only to find out that actually these “may contain” wheat and other allergens. My family is very allergic to wheat. So now we’ve got a ton of useless sunflower seeds. I think the description of this product should contain either a current allergen listing, or no allergen listing, but not an incomplete one — that’s misleading.
LibertySlinger, WI

Fantastic Sprouted!

These are great especially when sprouted (not to mention that their nutritional value dramatically increases too). You can use the sprouted seeds in salads, cereals, and much more.
CinderellaAlberton, MT

Love them!

Just got my first order of these and I’m very pleased. They are delicious. What a great way to get more Vitamin E!
LeonoreDecatur, IA

Awful; terrible; wretched

So, I ordered a box with 12 bags of sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds are healthy; they’re rich in that “good” fat that lowers your cholesterol; and I think they’re also rather tasty. This final adjective, however, doesn’t describe Sunridge Farms’ Organic Sunflower Seeds. I opened the first bag. Took a couple of bites and then spit them out. I tried a second bag. Same reaction. I wondered whether or not there was something wrong with my own taste, so I offered them to someone whose sense of taste I respect. She had the same reaction I had. In short, these sunflower seeds are inedible. It’s like chewing on rancid, tasteless cardboard. I threw out the entire shipment. There are far better options available.
BrittaneyZwingle, IA

I had no idea I would like these so much!

No need for roasting and salt! This is great on its own! I am amazed! The taste and texture are great and it will make you feel good after the first bite! I am so happy to have bought this! Great value for all organic, too!
KaitlinTallmansville, WV

Very good quality and taste

I wanted organic raw sunflower seeds to use in making homemade granola. These were perfect – a nice crisp, tasty, nut-like addition that really complement the other flavors. You can also toast these in the oven or stovetop for a crunchy healthy snack. I originally thought a pack of 12 would last me a long long time, but after snacking on these and seeing how delicious they are, I’m pretty sure I’ll go through the 12 packs much more quickly than I thought!
TonishaBrewster, NE

Very good choice

This is the only way to go… buying the raw seeds. You can roast them yourself and have fresh seeds all the time. I like the taste and will always buy this rather than any other products. I keep them in the freezer and take out a little each day to roast, they taste wonderful!
LasandraPrinceville, HI

hard to sprout

These seeds taste OK but after soaking them they did not sprout well and so I wonder how fresh they are. The sunflower seeds I get from my natural foods store spout very well and cost about the same.
PetrinaWawarsing, NY