Sunridge Farms Pine Nuts, 4-Ounce Bags

Our SunRidge Farms All Natural Nuts and Seeds: Contain no preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, or additives; Use no hydrogenated oils; Offer high fiber, healthy protein, and fantastic taste! SunRidge Farms All Natural Nuts and Seeds are selected from premier orchards and fields. Our buyers travel extensively throughout the world to visit farmers and ensure that we pack only the freshest, most delicious, and highest quality nuts and seeds available. SunRidge Farms all natural products offer plentiful protein, vitamin, mineral and fiber content. This translates into a good health approach and great taste, an inviting combination indeed.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 4-ounce bags (total of 30 ounces)
  • All natural
  • Extra fancy pine nuts

Top reviews

Metal mouth syndrome “Pine mouth” after eating a few handfuls

I fell foul of the metal mouth syndrome “Pine mouth” after eating a few handfuls of pine nuts bought from Amazon.
ClementEagle Bay, NY

Delightful Snack

I love these pine nuts in my favorite cookies. They are usually in almond pastries and cookies at bakeries.
I always get Diamond brand, if I can because they’re cheaper.
They have a nice delicate taste and I eat the bag very quickly.I savor the taste, but they’re so tiny that they’re swallowed the second they’re chewed.
I haven’t kept them long enough to use in recipes and that’s my only problem with this.
AshlieFontanelle, IA

Fresh & worth buying in bulk even if you don’t use very often

I usually just buy pine nuts bulk from Amazon based on price. These fit the bill. Actually easier to store than the other brand that sells in plastic tubs. We use pine nuts infrequently, but when we do it is so much better to just pull them out of the freezer to find just as fresh and WAY less $ than in grocery store. Be sure to roast these on stove or in oven (toaster oven works too) for few minutes, but don’t look away or they’ll burn – but definately worth it to bring out flaver especially when using in pestos, salads, etc. Found that most friends do not realize to keep nuts in freezer – share the info because saves $ & is more convenient. I’ve kept up to 6 months & works great, may last longer, just not in my house.
DanyelleAdamsville, TN

pine nuts

husband loves pine nuts. expensive stuff. these were reasonable price and he likes ’em.
MarylouiseFlemingsburg, KY

Sunridge Farms Pine Nuts

We use pine nuts frequently but found that they have become somewhat expensive, and generally come in large bags. We found these on Amazon. Reasonably priced and individually packaged into 5 oz bags. A perfect solution for keeping them fresh and having the right amount when needed. Very good quality at a great price.
JenaDouglasville, GA

Delicious economical pine nuts!

I ordered these to save money and to have them in storage in the freezer when I needed them, so tired of running to the store at the last minute and paying WAY too much. They are fantastic. Very fresh, flavorful, large, great pine nuts. Won’t hesitate to buy again. The seller who offered this at such a fantastic rate shipped very quickly too.
LatanyaDownieville, CA