Sunridge Farms Unsweetened, Unsulphured Mango Spears, 6-Ounce Bags

Our SunRidge Farms All Natural Dried Fruits: Contain no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors; Use no hydrogenated oils; Offer antioxidant and high fiber qualities. SunRidge Farms All Natural Dried Fruits are carefully chosen from premium orchards and vineyards throughout the world. We select only the finest grades and allow our fruits to fully sun ripen on the vines and trees before harvest whenever possible. The result is a ripe, delicious fruit with a unique, vintage bouquet of sweetness and flavor and all the nutritious that only Mother Nature can provide.

Quick facts

  • All Natural
  • Healthy snack
  • Please note: The first 3 numbers represent the date of production using a 365 day calendar, the next two numbers are the year. (‘001’ is January 1, ‘364’ is December 31, ’11’ is 2011). The shelf life is one year from the production date.

Top reviews

Good Taste

These mangos have a good flavor and are sweetened with cane syrup which is unprocessed and tastes like brown sugar. They do not have preservatives.

One thing I don’t like is that they say “Manufactured in California” which I doubt. Usually mangos are imported and I would like to know which country they import these from.

They taste great though.

AnnabellLionville, PA


really really great snack – hits all the right notes , chewy sweet, tart, healthy.
MelonyDutton, AL

Not good…

This product should be labeled naturally sweetened instead of unsweetened. They are sweetened with cane juice. They do not have sulphured preservative.

Since Mangos are sweet already, why do they even bother. The following is my theory. I think this importer gets the mangos un-ripened since they are shipped so far. They then load them up with sugar to disguise this. The result is dried mango which is nearly white in color and has very little mango taste to it. It basically tastes like you’re eating a chewy piece of crystalized sugar.

Not what I was looking for. Oh, and Amazon does not allow returns on this product. Another let down.

Country of origin for the mangos was Thailand if anyone cares.

MargaretteBrier Hill, NY

Not unsweetened

Hoping to get unsweetened, unsulphured mangoes, I ordered these, not once, but twice. Wrong 2 times. Check the shelves.
DiannaBridgman, MI

32 grams of sugar per serving!

The product, while delicious, is advertised as non-sweetened, when it is, indeed, sweetened with cane juice. I was disappointed to discover 32 grams of sugar in one serving!
DennisRensselaerville, NY