Supreme Protein Supreme Protein Powered by Whey Isolate Caramel Nut Chocolate — 12 Bars

Now you can have it all, with Supreme Protein. The worlds first quadruple layer protein bar combines real candy bar flavor and the unsurpassed mass-building power of high-quality whey isolate. As a result, you have a true high-performance protein bar that not only tastes great but helps to deliver the quality nutrition you need to achieve serious results from your training program. In addition, Supreme Protein bar is also packed with rich chocolate, fresh peanuts, crunchy protein crisps and creamy caramel. Try this quadruple layer nutritional masterpiece for yourself and youll agree — superior nutrition never tasted this good!

Quick facts

  • 12-3.4 oz (96g) Weight: 2.5 lbs H x W x D: 2.500″ x 8.100″ x 7.750″

Top reviews


This protein bar is delicious! It tastes similar to a 100 Grand candy bar, has a good crunch, packs 30g of protein, and is HUGE. I tried one at my local health food store and fell in love, so I ordered them from Amazon. After waiting and waiting and waiting for the item to be available and shipped, I noticed the nutritionals were VERY different from what I remembered. There is a carb smart version with 1g sugar and 25g sugar alcohols. The non carb smart version is reversed. If you’re watching your sugars or carbs don’t give up after looking at the content of the regular bar, just look a little harder for the carbohydrate concious version. It’s worth trying!
TrevorBangor, MI