Sushi Chef Clear Soup, 0.33-Ounce Packages

Baycliff Company Sushi Chef®Traditional Japanese Style Clear Soup.

Quick facts

  • Case of 12
  • Capacity – 0.33 Ounce
  • Dimension – 12 x 10 x 6.25 in
  • Item Weight – 3.2 lbsIngredientsMaltodextrin, Sea Salt, Dextrose, Shiitake Extract, Soy
  • Package Quantity: 12

Top reviews

Great instant soup!

I like all three instant soups currently available on Amazon from Sushi Chef, but this is my favorite. It has a nice dashi flavor, just the right amount of saltiness without being too salty at all. At 25 calories per serving it is nice to sip on as a little snack. The dehydrated mushrooms and other solids are nicely sized. I agree with some other comments that it isn’t difficult to make some nice quick broth with dashi flakes, miso paste, etc., but this is something easy to keep around, especially at the office, in my briefcase, etc. I just discovered this a few weeks ago and have already ordered more twice. Give it a try… I think you’ll like it.
FranchescaGroveland, CA

Looks clear doesn’t taste clear!

I REALLY wanted to love this product. Ive looked high and low to find a clear soup product. Was so excited to try it and it was a flop, no taste at all to the product. If I could return it I would!
KarolePaintsville, KY

Order Mix Up

Let me preface this by saying that this is more of a review for the vendor rather than the soup itself. I ordered the clear soup but instead received the wakame soup, which is ok, though not what I was hoping to get. The packets came in a clear plastic bag and were coated with some sort of powder (maybe some soup mix) which was kind of off-putting but forgivable if it was the right product. Unfortunatelly, I opened a few of the packets without realizing that it wasn’t the right soup so I can’t really return the order. I am going to keep it, but I’m dissapointed that I didn’t get what I ordered and paid for. There is no “contact seller” option for this vendor so I dont really know how to go about asking them to fix it, and it’s not really worth it. Just be careful not to order too much at first just in case this is some sort of common issue. Hopefully it was a fluke.
AuroraMedon, TN