Sushi Chef Panko

Sushi Chef Panko bread flakes are much lighter and crunchier than ordinary bread crumbs. These delicious bread flakes are made in Japan from traditional Japanese bread. The loaves are slowly dried and then shredded into crispy flakes. Panko is basic to Japanese cuisine, but its texture and flavor can add excitement to all types of cooking! Sushi Chef Panko enhances recipes that call for traditional bread crumbs. Panko creates a deliciously crunchy crust on all types of fried food. These light bread flakes are a delightful addition to meatloaf and casserole toppings. Sprinkle Panko atop macaroni and cheese for a crispy, crunchy taste sensation. Try it on baked chicken! Use Sushi Chef Panko to prepare scrumptious stuffed mushrooms or grilled tomatoes!

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 8-ounce boxes (total of 48-ounces)
  • Japanese bread flakes
  • The best things for fried chicken, fried fish and crumb toppings
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

great panko

I use panko alot, I substitute it for the heavier ‘italian’ bread crumbs, I find the result more aesthetic and tastier. My only recommendation would be that Sushi Chef find a better way for allowing the consumer to reseal the container
GidgetFort Campbell, KY

Yum! And cheap!

If you’ve ever overpaid for a tiny bag of panko in the grocery store, consider stocking up on these excellent crumbs. They are well packaged for long term storage (inner zipper bag inside box) and handle and taste great. Well worth the money, especially if you get them on prime. And yes, we cook constantly and have tried many different brands.
GlynisRockville, IN

One of my favorite Panko bread crumb products

I have come to appreciate Panko bread crumbs. I use two different brands–both of which are very satisfying.

Bread crumbs are really good complements and ingredients for many dishes. I prefer Panko to the regular bread crumbs that one can purchase at the nearby grocery store. They add a better texture and provide a crunch that is delightful.

And this product is one of the better Panko bread crumb resources that I have run across.

AikoBurneyville, OK

A wonderful coating

Hard to say enough good things about this product! Chicken or fish shaken in a plastic bag with half a cup of Panko is oh so good and yummy pan fried. Doyle
MandaEpworth, IA

Better than some other brands

I’ve tried a few other brands (including kikkoman) and this is by far the best one I’ve ever used. It gives the crunchiest crust. No hydrogenated fats or HFCS.
DarwinWales, UT

Great Texture

I have tried many different brands of panko bread crumbs. These are by far the best. I use them in many different dishes and the texture is amazing. Love them!
SibylAgency, IA

Very Good Price for the Quantity and Quality

Very good price for the quality and quantity. You pay much more at the grocery and they keep just fine in your cupboard.
PearleRichmond, ME

Panko bread flakes

This was a great find. I cannot find this product at any stores in my area so I went to Amazon. I found a great deal on the product and enjoy using it for baking & frying. Others who have tried it like the crispiness of it too, more so than regular bread crumbs.
HortenciaAppomattox, VA

Best flake panko

Most commercial panko bread crumbs are just like traditional breadcrumbs with a larger granule size. Sushi Chef brand is actually like bread shaved into flakes up to the length of a grain of rice. Using this style gives you a considerably different crust than any crumb-based breadcrumb which has a more elegant look and delicate crunch. The concept of panko is to produce a light, airy coating with bread flakes, which is something you don’t get if you’re using the crumb found in most brands.

Inside the box is just a plastic bag containing the panko, so you can’t reseal it. I just pour the remainder into a ziptop bag that I continuously reuse. A decent ziptop is going to be a lot easier to open and seal than most seals you find built-in to products, which are made as cheaply as possible.

ShericeDry Creek, WV