Sushi Rice Japanese style – 5 lb

Japanese Style Sushi Rice is a soft and tender short grain rice ideally steamed to accompany Japanese meals. When cooked it is clingy enough to be eaten with chopsticks. It is perfect for sushi, and is also great for rice desserts. Often mistakenly referred to as “sticky rice” which is not true. Sticky rice is a glutinous rice used mainly for desserts. For best results, rinse 3-4 times before cooking and do not cook with salt, to preserve the delicate flavour. If you’re unable to find a good quality sushi rice in your local supermarket,you won’t be disappointed with this. The rice is new-crop and the highest grade available. Simply put rice and water in a rice cooker, push the button and it’s done in 15 minutes. Product of USA.

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Too expensive

They sell this rice too expensive on Amazon!! You can get it for a lot of cheaper from Chinese Supermarket.
JustaWindsor, MA

Unable to make work

I’m a novice rice-roll maker, but I was completely unable to make this rice come out correctly. I tried a rice maker, on the stove top, tried less water, tried more water, tried less heat, more heat, longer simmering–all a cup of rice at a time. I’m almost done with the bag and won’t buy it again.

My rice doesn’t soak up enough water. It’s hard in the middle and slimy on the outside. I bought similar rice at the local grocery store and have had perfect results with it almost every time.

Looking at the other reviews makes me think it’s something I’m doing wrong, but I have tried every combo of preparing that I can think of.

SheritaBrookdale, CA

The perfect rice for making sushi

Kokuho Rose is a variety of medium-grained rice developed and grown in California by Koda Farms. It is very similar to Japanese rice (japonica), which is short-grained and fat. Introduced to the American market in 1963, it is well-suited for Japanese cuisine because it’s very sticky and glutinous, having the same taste and texture as Japanese rice. It is a very popular choice for making sushi because it is relatively easy to find and inexpensive.

To make sushi rice, the kernels have to be washed until the water is clear, then steamed. I use an electric rice cooker like Panasonic SRG06FG 3-Cup Automatic Rice Cooker, but you can get fancier ones that cost upwards of $100. Cooked perfectly, the grains are firm, slightly elastic and have a shiny, pearl-like luster.

You should be able to find this at your local Asian supermarket, as it is a widely distributed brand. Some bigger American supermarkets may also carry it. Another popular brand is Nishiki Premium Rice. These are the two major brands I use and recommend. If you can’t find either of these, a third brand is Botan Rice.

StaceyNorth Prairie, WI

Exceptional Rice!

I’ve tasted different rice varieties and this one is incomparable in taste and texture. Some of you may be skeptical but this special variety is short and plump but has a nice shine and not brittle when it is steamed. Also the texture is smooth as you eat it along with your favorite foods. Excellent for sushi. People who like their cooked rice a bit glutinuous will love this.
FelisaConstantia, NY

Great for Sushi

This was recommended on a Sushi making site and I can see why. The difference in the Sushi from last time to this time was tremendous, and the only difference was the rice that I used.
TamikoLebanon, NJ


This is great rice – I cook this in my rice cooker ALL the time to go with my chicken curry. BUT…..$13 is WAY overpriced. You can get this in most local grocery stores (like Giant and Shoppers) for less than $7 for a 5lb bag.
TresaSalford, PA

Sushi Rice

I was glad to find a 5 lb. bag of this rice. It’s wonderful. I also found it at my local Costco at a much cheaper price per pound, but you have to buy the entire 25 pound bag, which is not practical for an individual! Very good!
AmberShelley, ID

Delicious Rice

This rice is a nice change from the traditional white rice I find in the local grocery, primarily because it’s sticky. When reheated it tastes as good as it did when first prepared. I find that both white and brown rice becomes hard after sitting in the fridge overnight and I end up throwing the leftovers away, but this rice is simply not the same. It still seems freshly cooked 3 days later.
SusanaPalmdale, CA

very good!

I live in Japan (for now) and this is the rice that always sells out the most at our local store and I have to buy it in 20lb bags for my house but the price on here is high. But it is worth it.
JohnnyAurora, OR

Inferior to other sticky rice brands

I tried this brand along with about 5 others while on a recent sushi making kick. This rice was significantly inferior to several brands of other California grown sticky rice, as well actual sticky rice from Japan. Rice came out more mushy than other brands – almost like it was overcooked, and on several occasions I would find a few hard pieces of rice mixed in with the rest. It’s passable, but definitely not preferred, especially if you are trying to make sushi or something else where rice texture is important. At the time of this review the price is $14.95 for a 5 lb bag, compared to $7.20 for the same bag at my local Japanese supermarket – the review grade does not reflect this price differential, recognizing that it could change. I should point out however, that at $15 for a 5 lb bag, you can buy premium sticky rice imported from Japan in a decent Japanese supermarket.

Update: Have added additional brands to my comparison list, this one really is on the bottom by far, I question whether the 5 star reviewers have tried any other options (just about any California short grain variety, Botan Calrose from the supermarket, Nishiki – all significantly better than this.)

HalleyPlant City, FL

An astonished and ecstatic novice user

I’m quite the novice when it comes to rice, so I’m not going to deliver any lectures on the genetic and cultural history of sticky white rice. I just know that I like the sticky rice that I’ve gotten from the better Chinese take-out restaurants. I also know that the precooked rice packages I was preparing at home were too expensive and not that good. And it also seemed like a good time to stop eating too many potatoes.

So I bought a bag of this rice, a bestselling Aroma rice cooker, and a good rice washing bowl. My selections weren’t based on expertise. I just went with things at the top of Amazon’s bestseller lists that were in an economical price range. I carefully rinsed enough rice for a dinner party of four, threw it all in the cooker, pushed two buttons, and checked it an hour later.

Boy, was I ever amazed. This product produced the best sticky white rice I’ve had from anywhere–home cooking, take-out, restaurants. It has that nice glutinous quality that allows the rice clump to together in some of the most favorable mouthfuls I have ever had so far as white rice. This stuff is really a keeper. At the rate I’m going through it, one bag might last 5-6 weeks. And that’s for just one person.

I guess this rice is good for sushi. I wouldn’t know. I just like to load it on a plate, use some salt, crushed peppercorns, and soy sauce, and put something else (like an entree) off to the side. The rice is so good by itself, the entree is almost incidental.

So I expect to be buying more very soon and highly recommend this. I also recommend the Aroma cookers, which are quite the bargain right now.

RomeoMilbank, SD

Absolutely wonderful

I bought a bag of this and a steamer from Amazon earlier this week and received both today. I have to say, I didn’t think it was possible but I have just made some of the best rice I have ever had. It may be expensive and I may be inexperienced in the world of sushi rice prices but as of right now I say this stuff is worth every freaking penny. It fluffed up and is sticky sticky sticky. Awesome.
ShadWhiting, IN

Great rice for sushi

Pretty clean rice, doesn’t need much washing as compared to the cheap stuff I got at an asian market down the street. Cooks up nice, tastes good. Doesn’t have any dark stuff that floats up during washing (or cooking, heave forbid!). Wish I could buy a 50 pound bag of the stuff for a bulk discount.
IsisRushville, IL

Excellent rice.

I love Kokuho Rose rice and have been eating it since the early 80’s. The only problem has been finding it in something other than 10 lb. bags. The 5 lb. bag is the perfect size and the rice itself is great eating, and you can eat this rice all by itself, no topping/flavoring necessary.
SallieBradgate, IA

Versatile and easy to love

I’d never tried this rice before, despite seeing it around forever and hearing good things about it. Finally picked up a bag when we ran out of our Lundberg Akitakomachi rice (good stuff — try it), and was pleasantly surprised. I did rinse it several times until the water ran clear, and brought the cooking water up to just about my first finger joint. Brought it to a boil, then covered and let simmer for 15 minutes, then shut the heat and let it steam for about 20 minutes more.

It has a very pleasant gloss and stickiness, along with a subtle, clean flavor. It’s perfect for sushi, but I’ll also use it alongside other Asian meals, since it’s very chopstick-friendly. Our staple is usually Golden Phoenix Thai Jasmine, which is exceptional — if you’re lucky enough to find it, don’t miss it; but I’ll definitely start adding this rice into the rotation. The texture is quite delightful and a nice change of pace. If you enjoy moist, stickier rices for general eating as well as sushi, you’ll find a lot of ways to use Kokuho Rose. But shop around, as the listed price is quite high for the amount of rice.

I also picked up a bag of the same producer’s sweet/glutinous rice, specifically to use for homemade rice wine. I was surprised to find it too bland for eating, but it worked just fine for the wine.

BessEast Sparta, OH

great rice

This is a great rice, tender when cooked and sticky. But this $18.00 price for 5 lbs is way too expensive. I bought a 20 lb bag for 22.50 at the local Asian Market. Look around your town for a far more reasonable price.
LoraJulian, PA

Pretty good rice

I was pleased with the product’s taste and texture, but it didn’t make great BMs for me (made them a bit sticky without getting to graphic). I tend to have a sensitive system. I have switched to brown rice because that makes my innards feel better and the BMs better, but it is harder to make sushi with brown rice.
MonetOscar, OK

Very good value, good sushi rice

I’ve always liked this sushi rice, use it over any other brand. It’s the kind you don’t have to wash, however if you are going to use it for sushi I suggest washing it anyways.
PamulaArlee, MT