Suzie’s Kamut Flatbreads with Rosemary, 4.5 Ounce Boxes

A cracker uniquely thin but amazingly crisp, subtle in texture but serious in flavor. Pairs with artesian cheeses, hand-crafted preserves, or any of your favorite toppings.

Quick facts

  • Fifteen 2.6-ounce packs (39 total ounces)
  • whole grain
  • all natural
  • low fat
  • easy to digest
  • Twelve 4.5-ounce boxes (54 total ounces)
  • Kamut Ancient Grain; All Natural
  • Low in fat and easy to digest
  • Sturdy box with see through cellophane

Top reviews


this product has just 1.5gms fat per serving of 28g
and is whole grain.

inspite of it, tastes fantastic!

one of the very best low fat healthy snacks – 6 stars!

(hope they continue to make this product for a long time)/

PaulitaDaniel, WY

Love these!

These are probably my favorite cracker right now. I really like the whole grain, and I also like the rosemary quite a bit.

They’re not highly processed, so they’re very crumbly, is the main thing to watch out for, I think. Some people will not like how crumbly they are.

I was afraid that they’d be in pieces by the time they arrived, but no such problem. There’s a few broken crackers in each box, but it’s about the same as the packages I buy at the local store.

They’re also much cheaper per box than at my local store.

I will definitely buy these from Amazon again.

CarsonBronwood, GA