Suzie’s Puffed Multigrain Thin Cakes, 4.9-Ounce Bags

Suzies Multi Grain Puffed Thin Cake, 4.9 Ounce — 12 per case. Thin puffed cakes made with brown rice, barley, oats, and sesame Sugar-free, low-fat snack; contains no cholesterol or trans fat Tasty alternative to rice cakes. Product Description Crisp and delicious, Suzies Puffed Thin Cakes provide a big crunch in a slender package. Made with brown rice, barley, oats, and sesame, these multigrain cakes contain no cholesterol or trans fat. Although sugar-free and low in fat, Suzies puffed cakes still offer full and satisfying flavor. With only 17 calories per cake, its an all-natural and wholesome treat, perfect for snacking. All-natural Puffed Thin Cake flavors include plain, salted, and multigrain. Top one with cream cheese and apricot jam for a flavor-packed snack! Shelf Life: 180 Days 4.9 Ounce View Nutrition Fact

Quick facts

  • Case of 12 4.9 ounce packages of grain cakes (total of 58.8 ounces)
  • Thin puffed cakes made with brown rice, barley, oats, and sesame
  • Sugar-free, low-fat snack; contains no cholesterol or trans fat
  • Tasty alternative to rice cakes
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

not your average rice cake!

These extra thin multigrain puffed “cakes” are not like ordinary, air-filled puffed rice cakes. They are quite thin and more solid, which means you don’t end up with a mouthful of air. They have a nice, balanced multigrain taste – not overbearing or “grainy”. They are good plain, with peanut butter, or my favorite – with a drizzle of dark amber agave syrup.
IleenFulton, AR

Healthy & Yummy

These are the most tasty multi-grain crackers I have found. I eat them AND use them as NON-FATTENING treats for my dogs (per the Vet’s orders) … most pet treats are pretty fattening and not nearly as healthy as these puffed cakes.
ClareAuburn, WV


What a great surprise! Something so delicious and so low in calories! Each cake (or as I would say cracker) was
16 calories. An average serving of 3 cakes only 48 calories – NO CHOLESTEROL, NO FAT AND SUGAR FREE! These
cakes were textured, chewy, tasted so good and were a great size. I tried the multigrain first. Outstanding!
You can munch on these whenever you have a food craving. So filling! No binging! Better than the 100 calorie cheese puff bags that only leave you hungry and wanting more. I ate a whole bunch of these cakes and still lost
a few pounds. I have now ordered all the different flavors, so when the dieters find these, there will be a run to buy and I wanted some before they were on backorder! Enjoy these – you will not be disappointed!


HermineKinross, MI

good, but not great

they need to improve packaging so it doesn’t become uncrunchy after opening.
Suzie, see packaging of Mr. Wheat products.

low low fat, vegan and tastes great
honestly, not many food products like this.
wish i had found out about it lot lot sooner
great for health, convenient, delicious – need i say more!

EleanoraHolcomb, MO

Not my favorite flavor, but still very good

I prefer the lightly salted brown rice variety for taste, but these aren’t so bad. If the stores ever ran out of the lightly salted brown rice variety, I would eat these while reminiscing about the others. 🙂 Suzie’s is now my favorite brand of rice cake, and I really love that they are thinner and slightly more dense.
ShalondaLockridge, IA

These are excellent!

I’ll definitely buy them again!

I only have one complaint: the product is shrink-wrapped, which means that, once I opened it, I had to find a container to put it in. Any container. Anything that is reasonably air tight (“ordinary” rice cakes come in a recloseable bag).

TO THE MANUFACTURER: Packaging is good advertising! Why not give me something I can reclose? Just a thought….

NikkiSaucier, MS

wonderful snack!

I love to munch & these are a wonderful low-calorie & healthy snack.
Thank you, Suzie!
JaneenGarden City, NY

Wonderful alternative to regular rice cakes

I love these thin rice cakes. They are a perfect, much lower calorie alternative to regular rice cakes. I am able to have three of these for the “price” of one – and they are delicious!
MaryaMedimont, ID

Tasty and healthy!

These thin morsels are great as a low calorie crunchy snack that is also healthy. Dip in salsa or alone they can stave off hunger because of their beneficial carbs!
NidaBuck Hill Falls, PA