S&W Julienne Beets, 15-Ounce

Fancy French style premium quality & taste. Naturally 6 net carbs per serving. Net carbs per serving = total carbs minus fiber. S&W julienne beets come from the best crop to bring you unsurpassed, premium quality. Julienne beets are a good start towards getting your recommended daily requirement of vegetables. Product of USA. Each Unit Size: 15. Unit of Measure: OZ. Case Pack Size: 12

Quick facts

  • Each Unit Size: 15
  • Unit of Measure: OZ
  • Case Pack Size: 12

Top reviews

$4.00 per can?? Nutricity prices are outrageous!

However, S & W canned veggies are EXCELLENT quality, just don’t buy these! Try Sams Club, Costco, or a restaurant supply like Smart and Final if you particularly want a case of beets. Absolutely NOTHING sold by Nutricity is a good price, but Amazon has lots of good canned veggie prices online and on their Subscribe and Save with FREE shipping.
MalkaProctor, VT