Swanson Beef Cooking Stock, 26 Ounce Cartons

Named for Carl A. Swanson, a Swedish immigrant who moved to Omaha, Nebraska, in 1896, Swanson began as a company focused on butter production and poultry. Over time it grew and became the trusted brand it is today. Whatever you’re cooking, Swanson broth, stock or Flavor Boost can make your dish more flavorful. Choose from classic Swanson broth, Swanson stock or Flavor Boost concentrated broth.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve 26 ounce aseptic cartons of stock (total of 312 ounces)
  • Enhances the rich and meaty flavors of your favorite beef dishes or gravies
  • Perfect, flavorful addition to your favorite recipes
  • 100% fat free with 33% less sodium
  • All natural

Top reviews

Swanson beef stockThe price was rig

The price was great and the free shipping is wonderful. The shippment arrived a head of time. I can track my purchases, which in wonderful.
ReynaldaGuanica, PR

Prime & Subscribe make this great

I make a lot of crockpot recipes and use stock in many of them. I always bought this in the supermarket, but mine stopped carrying it! Amazon to the rescue – by being Prime, and signing up for the subscription service, I get this delivered at the right schedule, and about a buck cheaper per container than the supermarket charged. Win/win/win.
SeritaAmbia, IN

Glad I tried it!!!!

I have been trying to find ways to flavor brown and keep its nutty taste. By cooking the rice in this alone I do not have to add any salt or water. I was a little concern about the shipping methods, but the containers can in a box that was packed very well in another box. I will order again.
FondaJava Center, NY