Swedish Pearl Sugar Bulk, 1lb Bag

Pearl Sugar, also called Nib sugar, is a type of refined sugar in grains, with a diameter of approximately 2mm. Pearl Sugar is widely used as a topping and decoration, on many different breads, cakes and pastries.

Quick facts

  • Swedish Pearl Sugar Bulk 1lb Bag
  • An absolute must on Swedish Breads, Cakes and Pastries!

Top reviews

Good, but not what I was hoping for.

I was looking for a type of chunky sugar bits in irregular sizes and bigger than this Pearl Sugar – so I am still looking, since I do not know what it is called.
However, I must say this Swedish Pearl Sugar works very nicely sprinkled on top of pretzel-like cookies and gives them a nice sweet crunch when you bite into them. I am pleased with the mistake that I made – and will be ordering more for the holidays.
MinervaHeber Springs, AR