Sweet Corn Golden Dried, Bulk, 16 oz

This dried sweet corn is produced from a special sweet corn variety that is harvested in the early stages of growth, processed and air dried to make a wholesome dish that families have enjoyed for generations. This dried corn is also useful in many corn recipes.

Quick facts

  • Bulk style sealed packaging- Fully sealed, never a twist tie style
  • Only from Jellybean Foods! If the seller is not Jellybean Foods, then it’s not genuine.

Top reviews

Tastes just like “Golden Toasted Cocnut”

I never did receive this item as ordered and never received a responce from the company on the mix up. However, the other items ordered from them are superior quality as is the “Golden Toasted Coconut” that I recieved instead. I would give their products a high quality rating but communication is zero.
RobUniontown, OH