Sweet Drops Liquid Stevia, English Toffee, 2 Ounce

All natural, zero calories. SweetLeaf liquid stevia with all natural flavors is convenient and easy to use. As a supplement, add nutritious stevia to water, tea, coffee, milk, sparkling water, protein shakes, plain yogurt or anything else you can imagine.

Quick facts

  • Natural flavors with sweet stevia
  • Only a penny per drop
  • Zero calories and zero carbs
  • Safe for diabetics
  • Can be used in almost anything

Top reviews


The name of this product sounds better than it tastes. Save your money and treat yourself to a bottle of English Toffee syrup for your coffee. This product leaves an awful after taste. I had to give at least one star, I gave it for me for trying this terrible product.
ClementineAuburn, IA

flavor review

I have tried five of the flavors so far and my two favorites are the chocolate raspberry and english toffee. The vanilla is very disappointing it tastes fake. The orange is good and the lemon drop is okay though I prefer a more tart lemony flavor. Overall I highly recommend the rasp. chocolate, english toffee, and orange flavors.
JameManchester, IA

My favorite of all the Liquid Stevia flavors

This is a really great addition to any morning coffee! Among the various flavors I have tried (vanilla creme, chocolate, peppermint) this is my favorite, although all of them are good. I’ve also used this with over warm apples with a bit of cinnamon for a tasty fall-themed treat.
VitaCrowley, LA

Yum Yum Yum

I have tried several of the “flavored” stevia’s including vanilla, chocolate rasberry, and hazelnut. This is absolutely my favorite! I even put it in my water that I’m drinking throughout the day. I save the vanilla just for sweetening my “plain” yogurt so that I don’t waste my English Toffee. Actually has a buttery taste to it. I will definately be ordering more of this flavor!
LeifConcord, NE

Never again

These Sweetleaf “flavored” products are only for people who want something really sweet with just the very barest whiff of some flavor (you probably won’t even be able to tell which one it is). If you’re looking for a product that’s about half sweetness and half flavor, THIS ISN’T IT. I urge you to save your money and look for another solution.
FlaviaOnemo, VA

Great Stevia!

I purchased this stevia and just love it in my coffee. Can’t believe it is sugar free and so beneficial to my health, yet tastes so good! Lasts a while because you don’t need too much. The viscosity is excellent for stevia…I’ve had some that were too thick and syrupy but this one is great.
DarcyChelsea, OK

Excellent sweetener

This product was bought to be used during the HCG diet as a flavored sweetener. It made my morning coffee very flavorful considering I couldn’t use my flavored creamer.
TinaPeapack, NJ

guilt free indulgence!

This flavour of the sweet leaf stevia is really delicious in salad dressing, yogurt, drinks ofcourse & anything else you might fancy some caramel toffee flavouring! So far, stevia has no side effects or negative findings. It really is the ultimate sugar substitute!
LauraleeRocky Mount, NC

English Toffee, not so great.

Since I read how great the English Toffee tasted, thats the flavor I chose. It does sweeten my coffee but the flavor of the english toffee isnt that great. I will probably end up throwing it out because why drink something you dont enjoy. I would like to try the orange or chocolate but am afraid it will be a waste of money like the english toffee. I personally wouldnt recommend it.
DonaldFranksville, WI

Sweet Leaf vs Kal

In my opinion the Kal products are superior tasting to the Sweet Leaf. The product is good, but not as after taste free as the Kal.
GabrielaWest Peterborough, NH

It’s okay

So, I like my things sweet. Especially my coffee which was my main reason for purchasing this item. The more drops you use, the worst the aftertaste. Eek! Please keep that in mind. I enjoy it with my yogurt and have added it to whipped topping. I’m going to try it in a few other items. Seems like this size will last me a lifetime!
AnjaRico, CO

Try other flavors

I use many other flavors of the sweet leaf liquid stevia and love them. This flavor is (to me) is nasty. Try the others first. The only thing I don’t like stevia in is my coffee. I guess its all personal preference.
EliasUpsala, MN

Provides That Extra “Umf” to Your Beverage

Love the Sweet Leaf Brand. Their English Toffee is no exception. There was no bitterness or aftertaste. Also this stevia adds flavor without the calories. Just the right amount of pizzazz for your beverage hot or cold!
SebrinaMilford, ME

English Toffee Stevia

This is by far my favorite flavor of liquid Stevia.I always have a back-up on hand so I never run out.
TracieBrowerville, MN

Love stevia, and this is my favorite flavor

I purchased this because I gave up sweet and low and cream in my coffe, while doing the HCG diet. I no longer am doing the diet, but I continue to use Stevia (supposedly doesn’t affect your glucose/blood sugar levels..and natural-i’m sure this is debatable, but I’m happy with Stevia)
I add some of this to my coffee, with a small amount of NuStevia (no flavored/powdered stevia), and I’m in heaven with my coffee. If you like stevia and english toffee, I’d definitely spend the money and give this a try.
AlonzoCrockett, KY

Didn’t care for taste.

When viewing this product online, I thought it sounded delicious. I use stevia as my sweetener all the time. But I did not like the taste, and found there were very few things I could use it with. I ended up giving it away.
EmogeneChester, PA

Good Product

I use stevia all the time and like the different flovers they have included in the products. It is a great substitue for suger.
TomokoSpring City, UT

Stevia – Liquid Toffee

My wife drinks this with her tea several times a day and loves the taste it gives without all the extra sugar and calories. Great way to add flavor without guilt. Better than the chemical junk that is sucralose (Splenda).
RanaeThomas, WV


I like the English Toffee Liquid Stevia I purchased. I use it to sweeten my coffee in the mornings. I think it has a good flavor and I would buy it again.
ShemikaIowa Park, TX


This is the first time I’ve tried a flavored stevia and it won’t be the last – in fact I just ordered another bottle of English Toffee in order not to run out. Really enjoy adding this to my tea. I often make enough to fill a thermos and sip on during the day. I feel like I’m having a tasty treat without the sugar or the calories! A few people mentioned an after taste but I didn’t notice any. I guess just try it and see if it’s your thing.
AndresNorth Kingsville, OH

Great Product

I needed something to make plain coffee taste good during a special detox diet…..This product was perfect. It tastes great and the bottle lasts a long time. I will be recommending it to all my friends.
DebbraMount Storm, WV

So far the best flavor

I was originally looking for a chocolate flavor, but the few that I tried were not very flavorful or had too much after-taste.
This one gives my coffee this “comforting” flavor that I was looking for while avoiding sugar.
KimLadera Ranch, CA

English toffee sweetener

This sweetener adds a wonderful english toffee taste to whatever it is used in. Love that it doesn,t add a ton of calories and still makes everything taste as sweet as sugar. I used it in chocolate delites and they are so yummy. I got everything I needed at Amazon. Thanks
NereidaSaint Francis, KS