Sweet ‘N Low Zero Calorie Sweetner – 1500 Packets

Overview It’s the #1 pink Zero Calorie Sweetener and it’s the first choice in foodservice because customers expect it. It’s one of America’s favorite brands for almost 50 years. It has the Good Housekeeping Seal, it’s OU Parve and it’s available at Shopzeus in a special 1,500 count value pack box. Specifications 1,500 Count Value Pack Zero Calorie Sweetener America’s #1 Pink Sweetener

Quick facts

  • A blend of nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners
  • Zero Calorie Sweetener
  • Each serving contains less than 4 calories which the FDA considers dietetically zero
  • Suitable for Individuals with Diabetes
  • New Larger Value Pack Size 1500 Packets

Top reviews

No Product, No Email answer to the one I sent.

If you value your money stay away from this company. They like to take your Money but don’t give in return so you have to get it back else where and still don’t get your product.
AngelaGable, SC

Great product & excellent price

The price on this and for Splenda is amazing; I’m going to buy some more closer to Christmas and give the bigger boxes to friends; trying to be frugal and also will help them. Thanks amazon
EarlGadsden, SC

Sweet Taste

Excellent product Good price if shipping were less or free it would be even better
NoreneSand Springs, OK

Incredible Deal

I used to trek 25 miles to a wholesale warehouse to get a 1000 packet economy box of Sweet ‘n Low. It was such a savings over the smaller 100 packet supermarket variety. I am so delighted to find it is available on Amazon with “Prime” shipping for a better price and with no travel, mileage, gasoline or time expenditure. Now, I always check Amazon first.
UlaWoodlawn, TN

Sweet ‘N Low – Still a Favorite After 40 Years

Sweet ‘N Low has been a staple in our family ever since a member of the family controlled his diabetes with diet starting in 1964. While it’s a great substitute for sugar, it was never a great product for baking. For baking, use Splenda. That, according to the bakers in the family. The only thing I’ve ever baked are chocolate chip cookies from Pillsbury, so don’t take my word for it. We’ve used it pretty much for coffee and tea only over the years

Some people will say that Sweet ‘N Low has an aftertaste though I’ve never found that to be the case.

Btw, six months ago, the 1500 packet package was $4 less then today, and two years ago it was $2 cheaper than that. Cheaper to buy the “two-pack” (3,000). Just keep it stored in a dry place. It doesn’t go bad.

I’m probably the typical non-diabetic user. It’s psychological. With my cookie, I can have coffee with Sweet ‘N Low instead of sugar. In fact, I might be able to have two cookies.

VerlaMoffat, CO


Check your local supermarket before buying at this price…..when NOT on sale, several in my area charge $14.99 for a box of 1500. I use the product regularly, going thru 2 of the large boxes a year…..this is definitely not a bargain.
GrettaBranch, MI

Couldn’t be easier

Sweet n’ Low is hard to find in the Portland area in large volume. Glad to have this resource. Fast shipping. Easy deal. What else can you say about sweet n’ low?
HarrisFort Yates, ND

very satisfied

I had looked in various big box and discount stores for this product, however they no longer carried it. i was so relieved to find it here, and the purchase experience was so easy.
IsidraUnion City, OH

product getting rare

This product used to be available in the box stores, but not any longer, so I went to Amazon, found it and had it within a short time. I do not use other artificial sweetners with my morning coffee. Fast delivery, great service.
RosalineWest Palm Beach, FL

Classic sweetener & excellent value

Whether you use Sweet n Low at home and just want to buy in bulk to save money, or you’re buying for the break room at your office, this is a great value on a classic sweetener. If you’re not going to go through it quickly, store it in a dry place, and/or seal it in plastic canisters. Even if it turns solid in the packet, it’s still just as usable– just break it apart and dissolve it in your coffee or tea. Aspartame (Nutra Sweet) gives me headaches, and I love being able to keep this product and Splenda on hand as affordable alternatives.
CarenOldtown, ID

QUick and easy buy

I usually buy this at oe of the big box stores, but they stopped carrying this product, so I was thrilled to get it in quantity here
AdrianneOneida, PA

The Pink Stuff!

My grandmother used this “Pink Stuff” and I grew up on it in my coffee and tea. I love it and really don’t change. I used to get it a a big lot store, now I can order it from home, on line. The price is the same. A box lasts a year for me. I use it in everything I want sweetened except cooking, unless I can add it at the end, when I’m done.
LakeshiaBustins Island, ME

Sweet N Low

If you use a lot of Sweet and Low then this size and quantity is a great price. I usually go to Sam’s to get this same size box but they had it here for the same price and didn’t have to go out and get it. Worth the price.
LeomaQuinton, VA

Good pricing –

and if I can get it sent for free? No question I’ll buy here.
Just as pictured and described..product is fresh. It’s just a large quantity (so I don’t have to turn around and buy some every week) and pricing that makes this so convenient.
TierraPoint Comfort, TX

Sweet N Low

I have used this sweetener for many years. I even carry it with me as you cannot find it in all restaurants and I do not like the others and have to revert to sugar if they don’t have it and I forget mine. It has become increasingly harder and harder to find in the 1500 value pack. It is still available at my local warehouse/club for the cost of $11.48 (as of 1/16/2011) . I have never tried to use it in baking (I am not real handy in the kitchen), But I do use it in my coffee and tea. Since I drink a pot of coffee a day, I really need to buy the value pack and at a decent price.
MartaEdna, TX

Great Number for the Price

When I ran out of Sweet ‘N Low rather than run to Smart & Final or Costco like usual I looked it up here on Amazon. Happy I did. Much bigger box for a better price. This will be lasting a while for me. I drink tons of ice tea and so having this on hand is crucial for me.
MargeryWalhalla, MI