Sweet Turnip Juice – 33.8fl oz

Sweet Turnip Juice – 33.8fl oz. (1.0lt)

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Turkish Sweet Turnip Juice (Salgam)

This product arrived as a birthday gift. After chilling it as instructed, I attempted to drink some. The first thought that came to mind as it hit my palate was sea water. Salty! Then lemony sourness followed. Not a sugary taste that I was expecting. No this does not taste sweet at all and had the sourness approaching that of a lemon.

It has a strange but interesting aroma that is not at all bad. In fact I felt drawn to smell several more times trying to put a name on the unexpected yet familiar complex aroma. It reminds me of a bologna sandwich on white bread with overpowering hints of celery.

If you are not used to this kind of drink, I will say that it is probably much more of an acquired taste.

From Wikipedia:
Şalgam is a popular beverage from southern Turkey’s cities of Adana and Mersin. Although the Turkish word şalgam literally means “turnip,” şalgam is actually made with the juice of red carrot pickles, salted, spiced, and flavoured with aromatic turnip (çelem) fermented in barrels with the addition of ground bulgur. It is traditionally served cold in large glasses with long slices of pickled carrots, called tane (or in some accents, dene.) Hot paprika relish is added just before drinking. Hot or regular, it is a popular drink with Adana kebab.
Şalgam is often served with rakı (alcoholic beverage)–not mixed, but rather in a separate glass. While Şalgam is commonly used to cure hangovers, consuming excess amounts may cause bloating.

AntoinetteHolland, MA