SweetGourmet Hazer Baba Mixed Turkish Delight, 16oz


Quick facts

  • Net Wt. 454g (16oz)
  • Product of Turkey
  • Lokum, a genuine Turkish product, is one of the most delectable sweets in the world. This tarditional sweet was introduced to Europe in the 18th century and has become a world renowned confectionery ever since, rightly called the “Turkish Delight”.
  • Turkish Delight loses its shiny appearance when dusted with icing sugar, but the inside remains clear.
  • Kosher Parve

Top reviews


These are so good. I like the rose flavor best. They are a great dessert for company– or, for just you.
FlaviaStevensville, PA

The best of the brands available

Of the three brands I’ve tried from Amazon, this brand is the best. Bite sized soft pieces with delicate texture and vibrant flavours. Mint, rose, lemon, lemon-rose, nut-filled. All good. Have no idea how long they keep fresh after opening because they didn’t hang around very long.

Not cloyingly sweet. A delicious adult treat.

LesliMobile, AL

Turkish Delights

Awesome – Now I understand why Edmund betrayed his brother and sisters. I never had Turkish delights before and after watching the first Narnia movie and seeing them there I decided to see if Amazon had them and ordered them on a whim. I was very pleasantly surpised by how good they were and would recommend them to any non-diabetic with a sweet tooth.
LigiaUniontown, MO


So i got this here turkish delight box. These are in my opinion a step away from your average turkish delight (not that i am a seasoned T.D.consumer) but they are more than anything just too soft…just like winegum even though they are much easier to chew up if you will, and therefore reminiscent of eating plain candy even though they have a very good quality consitency and taste. These come largely without any nuts inside..maybe the odd bite though. But the sugar coating is excessive and may upset your tummy. Don`t eat to many of these at any one time. YE BE WARNED! I think i would try to open them up and maybe let them sit a few days to become dry?? (more chewing resistance) Even maybe try to get wrid of some of that sugar coating?! Anyway i like the way the box opens. Side opening with a nice drawout feature and neatly wrapped in a thin plastic foil. So basically these come plain, with the odd bite with some nuts inside. Not my favourite. Too little fibre maybe?
DelilahMarvel, CO


I found these Turkish delights to be unexpectedly tasty. I never knew you could get cornstarch to form a gummy–not just chewy–consistency.

The flavors were all good: lemon, rose, mint, and nut (seemed primarily hazelnut for me). There was no lemon-rose or plain in my box. The powdered sugar was a bit messy while eating, and although it would be inauthentic, I would have rather had the gels covered with chocolate or fondant. It was a little on the saccharine side for my preference, but overall quite delectable. I’d consider buying from this supplier again, especially their rose-flavored ones.

GriceldaClara City, MN