Sweetgourmet Imported Dried Whole Strawberries, 1 lb

Dried Strawberries are one of the most popular dried fruit treats. These moist and sweet strawberries are perfect for a variety of foods! Try eating them as a sweet treat by themselves, or add a handful to cereals, muffins, cakes and snack mixes.

Quick facts

  • There are approximately 120 pieces per pound
  • Dried strawberries are one of the most popular dried fruit treats
  • Try eating them as a sweet treat, or add a handful to cereals, muffins, cakes and snack mixes
  • Country of origin: Thailand
  • Net wt.: 1 lb

Top reviews

sugar high

These were okay. I had been expecting the crunchy type of dried strawberries and these are not. Maybe I missed something in reading the description. Also they are VERY sweet. My son liked them so I gave them to him. Just be aware that these berries are coated with sugar.
FeleciaDelano, MN

Not As Expected

Ordered these and expecting the same type of dried strawberries found in grocery stores, but the seller should have labeled the item as candied strawberries instead of calling it dried strawberries. These are VERY sweet and come in bright red nugget-sized pieces – not at all as pictured. Also, no ingredients are listed on the package. Obviously besides being made of strawberries and sugar, there is no way of knowing whether there are other ingredients used (additives and/or preservatives). So disappointed.
ShilohImlay City, MI

Candied Strawberries

This product is fine, if you are looking for dried strawberries covered in sugar. I was looking for dried strawberries, possibly lightly sweetened. These do not fit the description. My husband doesn’t mind them, but he’s got quite a sweet tooth. Packaging is fine and the product is fresh, just not what I wanted.
FloWright, MN